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These Teens Shared 5 SAT Secrets You Might Not Know

As fall approaches, the reality of getting ready for college catches you by surprise! Whether you’re on your way to college or preparing to go next year, there’s no doubt that one of the hurdles is the SAT. The SAT is the final boss you have to meet before you can start applying for colleges. So, what exactly is the secret to acing the SAT? We talked to two teens, and they revealed their biggest secrets.

Focus on the timing. “My big strategy was in timing. It was important to wear a watch, and to know going into the testing center how long I’d have for each passage down to the minute. If you Google ‘pacing for the SAT’, there are many links that can tell you exactly how many minutes per reading passage, math problem, etc. Understanding the types of questions will help you recognize which types will be most comfortable, and which would be more time-efficient to skip and come back to,” says 17-year-old Catherine Callahan.

Memorize basic formulas.Use fake math. If you have an equation entirely of variables or a statement that two sides are equal, plug in fake numbers and it will yield the right solution. If you spend a lot of time or are doing complicated math, chances are it’s wrong. Also, make sure you have basic formulas memorized (equation of circle, trigonometric identities),” continues Catherine.

Guess if you’re stuck. If you don’t know an answer, just guess! You don’t lose points for guessing on the SAT so you might as well fill in a bubble and hope for the best. You might actually be right after all. Make sure that you don’t fill in the bubbles randomly.

Practice!  “I had prepared by attending a local summer camp that offered SAT classes over the span of two months. I would also do practice tests (the whole test!) on the weekends,” says 18-year-old Yashi Samrenda.

Focus on your weak spots.I got a really high score in math and then realized that reading comprehension was bringing my score down. So, then I practiced a lot more in the areas that had the lowest score. That definitely helped,” continues Yashi.

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