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How Muslim Gay Youth deals with Homophobia in Maghreb

Living in a third world country is not an easy thing at all times, not at all actually. Between economic issues, religious conflicts and such, I’ve never known where my place was nor where my thoughts had to be put in. I grew up being taught that homosexuality was not real and was pawned by Satan itself, and I was offered distorted faces and expressions whenever the subject was talked about or brought up on


Being Asexual In A Hyper-Sexual Society

In the last couple of years, society has become more accepting of the idea of casual sex. We’re in a time where people can openly talk about what they want, what they like and tell endless stories of their sexual experiences without being shamed or judged. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines asexuality as ‘not having sexual feelings toward others: not experiencing sexual attraction.’ Asexuality is many times misinterpreted as celibacy or abstinence, those of which are conscious choices


LGBT+ Acceptance Rates Are Down, and Homophobic Hate Crime Numbers Are Up in the USA

It has almost been 3 years since same-sex marriage became fully legal in the United States of America in a historic event for the whole country. Even if this seemed like a step towards equality and acceptance, new reports show that Americans have become more homophobic since Donald Trump took office.   Last month, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs released ‘A Crisis Of Hate,’ their report on LGBTQ+ hate violence homicides in 2017. The alarming


Two Women Have Been Sentenced To Caning In Malaysia For Sexual Relations

Malaysia is currently in the midst of a debilitating human rights crisis, one that concerns the security of a large demographic of its society. In Malaysia, homosexuality is illegal under the Sharia law. In light of this, two women in Malaysia have been sentenced with caning and a fine of 3,300 ringgit under the Islamic law for “attempted sexual relations.” The Shariah Judge, Kamalruazmi Ismail, has been quoted saying, “Adequate punishment must be meted out so that


A Serial Killer is After the Black LGBTQ Community Again

Florida is known for many things. Sunny beaches, Disney World, and being a place where everyone can relax. But recently, I read an article that stated Florida is now being known for the murders of five black LGBTQ+ members. As a Criminal Minds fanatic, the details of this case sound like something worthy of the BAU to investigate. However, the article continued that there has been no luck in suspects and with all members being


A Look Into How India Is Combating Homophobia

July 10, 2018 marks a significant date in India’s contemporary society. On this day, the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court begins its hearing on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. This section currently criminalizes “sexual activities against the order of nature” including homosexual relationships. India has been notorious for stigmatization and discrimination against individuals who identify as queer. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code allows for this pejorative to continue and fosters further discrepancy and tension. It has


The Social Media Rise and Impact of Wrath Month

If you didn’t know June was Pride Month for the LGBTQ+, you must have been away from all technology and failed to leave your house. Advertisements from companies selling rainbow clothing and selling multi-colored snacks such as Oreos are posted on billboards stationed in highways, pop up on social media pages, run on TV screens and radio stations, and are printed on magazines and newspapers. Internationally, parades and rallies went off in June to celebrate


Companies Coming Out As Proud This June

June is recognized typically as Pride Month, where LGBTQ+ members are able to share their experiences during parades, marches and other social events. This includes recounting the long history it took for being a member of the community to be acceptable socially and legally and for discussing the hardships and issues that still face LGBTQ+ identifying members today. Recently, retail store H&M has stated that they are going to become involved with the celebration by


Let’s Talk About Cis Het Asexuals And The LGBT Community

With the burgeoning of LGBT activism and acceptance in the 21st century, as well as many MOGAI identities seeping into public awareness, some people may think that the LGBT community is no longer in danger of discrimination or oppression. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although lesbians, bisexuals and gays can now serve in the military, get married and adopt kids, these are all things they couldn’t do until recently.  Even today lesbians, gays,

Pride. Credit: Dmitrij Paskevic
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What Did We Learn From Genderquake?

With the recent showing of the reality television show, Genderquake and the debate that followed, the identity of gender has been headlining across the world. The reality show on Channel 4 saw eleven individuals of different gender identities live together in a house for a week. Although the concept is meant to educate people across the globe about the gender spectrum rather than the concept of two genders, I discovered that even in the LGBTQ+

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