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Stigma Against Transgenders

I used to believe that being transgender was wrong. Then I began to feel conflicted about it. It is repeatedly said that there are only two genders and that is   the basis of the argument against the transgender community. I would like to shut down that argument by asking, if there are only two genders which category does a hermaphrodite, someone who was born with both genitalia, fall into? What about a person born with


The B Word: A look at TV’s Bisexual Character’s

Recurring bisexual characters on television are on the rise,more and more characters are showing romantic and/or sexual interest to more than one gender. While the representation is amazing, it still isn’t what it needs to be. When a gay character is introduced into a show there’s often a scene where that character announces that they are gay. Bisexuals aren’t getting that same treatment —When looking into the bisexual characters of the television world, I found

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