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Mental Health

Sex Education The Misinformed Teens

Written by Sommer Lawrence  During high school I personally only had one Sex Education class and let’s just say it wasn’t at all educational–a woman came into the classroom with a box of condoms and a banana waffled. For about 15 minutes, she talked about how contraception is important because we ‘don’t want to get pregnant’.  To be completely honest it was highly underwhelming, she then asked who wanted to ‘wrap the banana’, and who

Mental Health

Why Consent should be Taught in Sex-Ed

In 1892, the National Education Association began promoting that teaching sexual education was necessary in the national education curriculum. Fast forwarding to 1940, the U.S. Public Health Service claimed sexual education to be an “urgent need.” The topic of sex-ed has always been widely debated, as some people find it to be a necessary course for teenagers to learn, while others argue that they can just learn as they grow. Teaching sexual education in schools

Mental Health

I Can’t Have Stable Friendships Because Of My Mental Illness

If you have a mental illness, then it will affect nearly every single part of your life. Mental illnesses are hard to put aside or escape from because they are a part of your brain, which makes up who you are and how you act. One of the biggest parts of a person’s life is their social life, which includes friendships. Mental health plays a big part in deciding how well a person’s social life

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Is Social Media Real?

Earlier this November, Essena O’Neill, former Australian model and Instagram star quit social media, saying it “isn’t real” and posting a video explaining how social media has limited the way she lives her life and reduced her worth to just her looks, leading to an obsession with views, likes and approval. She then edited her Instagram captions, revealing how much effort it took to portray a seeming effortless, yet perfect life. Although the video raised

Mental Health

Merry Christmas, Time to Trivialize Your Mental Illness!

It seems as if the mental health community has yet another thing to combat: big name brand companies that use their clothes/accessories to belittle mental illnesses. Companies like Target and Urban Outfitters are widely known and well liked so whatever trend they put out is going to be noticed by many people. If you are offended by what a company sells, you can petition, boycott, and show your disgust in numerous ways, but it is

Mental Health

Social Media And Toxic Friendships

The summer going into eighth grade, I met a girl on Tumblr. She later ended up becoming an abusive, toxic friend. Her insults, belittlement, and mocking of my self harm addiction took a toll on me when I was thirteen. I ended our friendship and blocked her on every social media site possible, crossing my fingers that she wouldn’t come back. People began to notice my once lively, confident aura has dimmed into one of lesser

Mental Health

Mental Illness Isn’t a Costume

Halloween is a fairly awful time for anyone who doesn’t appreciate culturally insensitive costumes that target marginalized groups of people. You’ve seen it: the blackface, sexy geisha, Indian princess, Caitlyn Jenner, and so much more. However, I recently found a costume so problematic that even I didn’t see it coming: Anna Rexia. That’s right. Some costume company thought it would be soooo clever to make a pun out of anorexia. Not to mention the fact

Mental Health

The Social Stigma: Mental Illness

Written by Katie Christensen  Mental disorders are a complicated issue, easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. It has a wide range, from schizophrenia, bipolar, or depression, to anxiety or OCD. Mental disorders are actually fairly common- 25% of people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives. To really understand the issue, we need to unveil the sense of mystery towards each mental disorder. Without getting too intricate, we’ll explain the main ones,

Mental Health

Love DOES Equate To Respect

Written by Katie Beer Love DOES equate to respect, and it always will. Relationship abuse in young adults is a long lasting problem. “One in three adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner, a figure that far exceeds rates of other types of youth violence.” (via This number is too high, and almost seems outrageous. Think of three couples you go to school

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Stigma Against Transgenders

I used to believe that being transgender was wrong. Then I began to feel conflicted about it. It is repeatedly said that there are only two genders and that is   the basis of the argument against the transgender community. I would like to shut down that argument by asking, if there are only two genders which category does a hermaphrodite, someone who was born with both genitalia, fall into? What about a person born with

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