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Millennials and “Bernie Bros”: The Demonization of Hillary Clinton

For a majority of our lives, we’ve all been taught to hate Hillary Clinton. Often perceived as untrustworthy, Hillary has been demonized by both popular media and popular culture. As an intern on the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, I often noticed a lack of millennial presence. Most of my peers were either older college students or middle aged adults; there wasn’t much in between. Whenever I attempted to recruit my friends or people that belonged


Quit Saying F**kboy: The History Behind an Ugly Word

In 2015, a new word entered our popular lexicon. And it caught on and spread like wildfire. It’s the word “f**kboy”. You may have heard the word once or twice or 300 times. Finally, a word came along that was equivalent of slut-shaming a woman (not advocating slut-shaming anyone, by the way). For so long, guys could call women sluts and whores/hoes without retribution. And suddenly, here’s the chance to do that with guys. But

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Dear Kanye West: You Are Still My Problematic Fav, Sadly

Dear Kanye, I wish people would stop trying to diagnose you with a mental illness. Whether you have one or not, they should really leave that to the doctors. I’m not going to dance around the issue of your tweets: they’re pretty outrageous in wording and, well, there are a lot of them; one after the other, preaching to an audience that may not like what you’re saying but will retweet you anyway. There are


Does ‘Body Positive’ Really Include Skinny People?

Individually, we all battle with society in some way shape or form with our own shape and form. Not only is there uncanny pressure to attain a beauty standard permitted by society, but also there is always an inner conflict that suffers silently when it comes to our own individual body image. Time and time again, a skinny person will be told to go eat a burger or gain some f*cking weight… and it will

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I Live In The UK And I’m Afraid Trump Might Win

  You know the future is particularly bleak when you, a 17 year old boy from the UK, is terrified of the possibility that one man 3,656 miles away may become President, the one and only: Mr Donald Trump. The butt of many a joke, Mr Trump is a somewhat… controversial character to say the least but, regardless of how ever many thousands he’s offended (a figure that steadily climbs daily it seems) has won


The Hypersensitivity of Millennials

There is a certain sense of accomplishment you feel when you win. When you earn. When you grow and when you, well, accomplish. What does anyone feel when they receive a participation trophy? “Wow I showed up!”. Participation trophies are criticized for giving artificial praise to children to make them feel special and as if everything is about them. The recipients of these participation trophies go from being excluded and sheltered from losing to young


Seriously, Read The Wrath and the Dawn

“It’s a special book,” says one of characters from The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh. Throughout reading this novel I realized that this was true about this book. This book did not only have an amazing plot, but also an important link to representation. I heard about this book first from a book club I’m in. Then, wanting to know more about it, I watched a lot of BookTube* videos about it. Not

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