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Gay Sex Decriminalised in Botswana

On Tuesday, June 11th, 2019, the high court in Botswana ruled to overturn two laws which had previously criminalized gay sex. The vote was unanimous and has effectively become a landmark case in the realm of LGBTQ+ rights in Africa. The laws were both passed in a colonial-era but were brought to light earlier this year by an anonymous plaintiff who chose to go only by L.M. in court. Being gay himself, L.M. wrote in


The Latest Extradition Bill Sparks Massive Public Outrage in Hong Kong

In the early hours of Sunday, thousands upon thousands of Hong Kong residents flocked to several areas in the city, protesting a recent “extradition bill” that could end their judicial independence. The protests lasted all through Sunday, and remained peaceful for most of those hours. However, there were some more violent riots, which were suppressed by police using pepper spray and batons. There currently are a total of seven arrests made, and its estimated that


World Oceans Day: Reducing Pollution to Preserve Marine Life

As global warming and climate change become major problems of our society, it is relevant to celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8. Acting as the lungs of our planet, the oceans give us the majority of the oxygen we breathe. The international day’s purpose is to make people aware of their impacts on the ocean—creating a universal movement centered on the preservation of various oceans. Having a sense of unity, the event enables individuals


The Nazis were in Chile and Germany is Just Now Paying

Germany has agreed to pay $11,000 in compensation to victims of the Chilean commune Colonia Dignidad founded by former Nazi soldier Paul Schafer in 1961. South America was a haven for former Nazi soldiers with Chile estimated to have accepted 500 and 1,000 Nazi soldiers. Many of these Nazis were never held accountable and tried for their actions, dying in South American countries that protected them.  Colonia Dignidad was a colony set up in southern

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The Plight of Uighur Muslims in China

The Uighurs are Turkish-speaking Muslims originating from Central Asia, who mainly live in Xinjiang, Northwest China. The People’s Republic of China annexed the region of Xinjiang in 1949 when the Uighurs were the vast majority-which represented 76% of the population-and the Han Chinese were the minority. After 70 years, the region’s Uighur population reduced to 42% while the Han Chinese population ballooned to 40%, an exponential increase from 6.7% in 1949. Although the Uighurs technically


Theresa May’s Resignation Could Mean Doom For Brexit Negotiations

In the waking hours of Friday, May 24, Theresa May stepped out in front of Ten Downing Street, and in a tearful speech, announced her resignation from the post she’s held since 2016. May, the second female British Prime Minister, has been repeatedly bashed for her position on Brexit. The British Parliament has arrived at a basic standstill, and May’s three bills have all been rejected. May’s resignation follows after around 50 members of her


Taiwan’s Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Serves as a Milestone for Asia

Despite the relentless sheets of rain pouring down, protesters in Taiwan still gathered outside the Legislate Yuan in Taipei to commemorate parliament’s vote on the legalization of same-sex marriage. It marked a historic moment in history as the first Asian country to ratify it. Same-sex couples will be able to get married starting on May 24th. In the future, however, Taiwanese LGBTQ+ members still face an uncertain path in terms of their country’s divided stance


Censorship Might Be Back in Brazil, Here’s Why:

Only a couple of days ago one of the most famous banks in Brazil (Banco Do Brasil) launched a new commercial that featured diversity as its main purpose, as an attempt to connect with the younger part of the population. The advertisement only lasted a few moments, though, before Brasil’s president interfered, taking it down because it was not according to his “line of work” and that “we do not want public money to be


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: More Than A Comedian

On Sunday, April 21, 2019 Ukraine had its presidential election–one with surprising results. Former comedian Volodymyr Zelensky won the presidency in a landslide victory, potentially, and surprisingly, giving hope for Ukrainians and for the rest of the world. Ukraine has had a long and difficult history of antisemitism, so the new election of a Jewish president (in a context where there was already an appointed Jewish Prime Minister) is good news for Jewish people everywhere.


The Experience and Importance of Voting Abroad

As a Spanish citizen, and since I recently turned 18, I have been able to vote in the recent election in Spain. I currently live in the United States, thousands of miles from my local polling place in Madrid, so I had to register to receive my ballot by mail. In order to do that, about a month before the election, I filled out an absentee voting form online. Once all of the online paperwork was

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