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The Parkland Shooting: A Year in Review

One year ago, a gunman opened fire on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He killed 17 students and faculty and injured 17 others, making it the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history and the 18th school shooting in 2018. In the weeks following the shooting, students from MSD began to organize. They created #NeverAgainMSD just days afterwards and started mobilizing. If they wanted to see any change be made in the realm

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The 10 Major Threats to Global Health in 2019

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) released their report on ten threats to global health in 2019– an important list to the citizens of our society and world in order to maintain awareness of international issues that can affect any and everyone. Vaccine Hesitancy Vaccine hesitancy, commonly coined “anti-vaxxing,” is the Western world’s ever-growing refusal to receive vaccinations. The “anti-vax” movement erupted in the United States largely due to a decades-old, recently retracted research study

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Is An Ivy School Education Worth It?

Choosing a college to go to has been a big decision for many high school students and their families across the world. For many, the academic dream is to attend an Ivy League college. To some people, certain Ivy schools have more value than others, however, all eight schools are known for their prestige and outstanding caliber. The colleges that make up the Ivy League are Dartmouth, Brown, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, and the University

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When Should You Walk Away From A Relationship?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you’re celebrating with friends or a significant other, this day is all about love. However, not all relationships are quite loving, and it can be difficult to determine when to walk away. Sometimes, no matter how much your loved ones care about you, they may not always express it in healthy ways. February is also Teen Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and in a month that cherishes


Black History Month: The Man Who Broke The NHL Color Barrier

February is Black History Month and we are going to highlight a few trailblazers for people of colour in sports. The series will start with Willie O’Ree, the first black player to play in the National Hockey League. Willie O’Ree was born in 1935 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. His family had escaped slavery in 1779 and made their way to the East Coast of Canada. Willie was the youngest of thirteen kids for Rosebud


Remembering the Ladies Over 200 Years Later

President Trump’s State of the Union address touched on many issues, and resolved for a better relationship within the political parties in the government. Trump even spoke of the largest female body serving in Congress, which drew appreciation from everyone present. Yet, the reason of why women were suddenly running for office was not even mentioned. Spurred on by the #MeToo movement, by issues regarding immigration and race, these women joined Congress because they felt


A Double Blow for the Malaysian Sports Industry

The New Year may have been a great start for many countries especially in terms of political alliances, economical stability and a room for peace and prosperity. However, it seems like Malaysia’s pathway into the new year is still quite rocky and this is definitely not a good sign for the future of the country. It also raises the concern of many international organizations. Just recently, the Malaysian government led by the Prime Minister himself,

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The Availability of STEM Resources in United States

The massive impact of the development of science and technology have tremendously shaped the modern world. As decades passed by, innovators had continuously contributed to the advancement of machinery. Due to this, students around the world adapted to these changes and attempted to incorporate these new knowledge in their system. However, are there enough STEM opportunities for these bright savants to fully engage themselves in their world of scientific inquiry and exploration? Ria Sodhir, a sophomore in the


Neocolonialism Still Haunts Africa– Let’s Talk About It

It has been nearly 42 years since 1977, the year the last African country, Djibouti, gained its independence from its European colonizer. Yet, within these 42 years, European colonialism upon the African Continent has not ceased; it has simply taken a new form. Kwame Nkrumah – the first president of an independent Ghana –  warned Africans of the potential regressive impact of unregulated forms of aid, trade and foreign direct investment. While modern practices of


How to Uncreate an Unreality in the Era of Misinformation

In this climate, of absolute uncertainty, chaos, rhetoric and entropy, we are accustomed to beliefs that frame politicians and leaders as either villains or heroes. We are sentenced to a fate where you really feel like you are not quite sure what world you are in, if it’s real or if it’s fake. Hell is digital, heaven is digital. News broke recently of British MPs warning us all that social media has shape-shifted politics too much,

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