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Zionist Celebrities Don’t Deserve Your Admiration



Everyone admires celebrities. Whether it’s actors, singers, models or artists, we’ve all looked up to someone at some point. But celebrities aren’t flawless creatures who never do anything wrong. They are human beings just like everyone else, and sometimes they aren’t people we should admire: they might be racist, homophobic, sexist… and zionists. And they don’t deserve our support.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, a zionist is a person who supports the State of Israel, a state built on the progressive colonization of Palestine and the genocide of its people. Unfortunately, some people believe that Israelis have every right to claim this land as their own, and decide to close their eyes on the fact that Israeli forces torture and assassinate innocent Palestinians every day. And some of these people are famous, talented celebrities. But unfortunately, some fans decide to ignore this fact, probably because they prefer to keep an image of their favorite actors being flawless, beautiful, talented and unproblematic.


A good example of this phenomenon is the actress Gal Gadot. She’s a talented, attractive young woman who portrayed the famous Wonder Woman in DC Comics’ movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Many comic book fans have looked up to Wonder Woman for decades, and therefore were very excited to see her on screen. However, Gadot is known to be a passionate zionist. She is from Israel and apparently very proud of it and was part of the Israeli army for some time in her life. She fully supports the army and the State of Israel.

Despite those facts, some fans have decided to support her anyway and have closed their eyes on her zionism. This is very harmful because not only does it make being a zionist seem okay, but it also contributes to the idea that celebrities are perfect and can never do anything wrong. But a woman who worked for the Israeli army, contributing to the mass murder and ethnic cleansing of thousands of innocent Palestinians, does not deserve your support and admiration. Being pro-Israel is not okay; Israel is a harmful and violent state, and so are its supporters.


But Gal Gadot is not the only popular zionist. The actress Scarlett Johansson has made some ads for SodaStream, an Israeli company, and said she was fully aware of the fact that this company was built on an Israeli settlement before signing the contract. But just like Gadot, most of Johansson’s fans prefer to ignore her harmful views, and focus on her good looks and her talent as an actress. This is disgusting, because it allows zionists to be successful and popular despite their violent, racist opinions. Being pro-Israel should not be seen as normal or acceptable, as if it were just a political opinion. Palestinians are oppressed, tortured and killed every day in their own country, and supporting their mass murder should not be seen as okay.
I personally will not be seeing Wonder Woman (2017), as I do not wish to give my money to someone who supports the genocide of innocent people. I am not asking you to do the same; however, please think about who you decide to support and give your money to. Celebrities with those kinds of opinions should not have influence on you, as their ideas are harmful and contribute to the oppression of innocents. Zionists, no matter how famous and talented they are, do not deserve your time or money. If you wish to know what celebrities support Israel, here is a list. Please remember to be careful when looking up to someone. It is very easy to idealize someone, and to only see what you would like them to be. But celebrities are just people, and sometimes people have racist and harmful opinions – and therefore do not deserve your attention.

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