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Is School Really Important?

It was just another day at school and I was feeling bored, drawing in my sketchbook because the teacher had not shown up, and suddenly, I started thinking: why do some people actually hate school? Is school really important?”

We wake up every morning to go to school. We see our friends and maybe some people that we don’t like, but it is also where we get our education there, so is it actually that bad?

These days, we see a lot of people complaining and talking about how they hate school and how good the world would be without it. I’m not here to convince you of the importance of school but I am trying to convince you of how important education is. Maybe you hate school but you definitely don’t hate education, deep down, at least.

Without education, we wouldn’t know about the progress we’ve made (and haven’t made) as human beings, we wouldn’t even know how to read or write, or solve equations like 1+1. I understand school isn’t the greatest place in the world but education is important for everyone, every age and gender, in any place in the world, Education is our right. As Malala Yousafzai said,

“Education is the only solution. Education first.”

There’s the argument that we can make in 2017 regarding learning things on the Internet. I agree that technology is the future but we still need to go to school; after all, technology is implemented in the majority of schools and we will soon be relying on it to learn.

Although technology makes our lives easier, we should be able to function without it in our day to day life. That’s why we go to school: to learn to do simple math without using a calculator, to be able to speak and write without googling words, to read and not just listen.

There’s a life independent from that on your phone. Years from now, we will still need to communicate freely about different topics, we will still next to figure things out on our own. Life experience teaches you that. But at the base of all those lessons is the education you received in school. You may not look at it that way, but the years you spent in kindergarten were important. And although you’re certainly not looking at high school in a positive way, you’ll learn it will help you out later in life.

Education is what allows us to build a future, a smarter generation of people. You can educate yourself on a lot of issues today, and you should do so – but let’s not forget about tradition schooling.

Yes, it is stressful, but it always helps to look at the bright side of things and that is the future.

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