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How to Keep Motivation Alive This Semester

For many high school and college students, it’s a brand new semester which means there’s plenty of opportunity and promise to make 2017 the best academic year to date.

Good grades is something most proclaim into existence into the new year, but it takes more than good vibes- it takes work. It may not be the most entertaining idea, but good things come from effort. However, over the course of past semesters, motivation is harder and harder to come by. Here’s some ideas on how to utilize the January motivation and how to keep it alive all semester long.

Organize while the inspiration hits: January may be the only time of the year some have the motivation to organize their schedules. Work ahead and plan out a semester long schedule for the time the motivation just isn’t there.

Planners are helpful, but can get pretty pricey. Pinterest has some DIY ideas or ways you can’t print organizers at home. Also, iPhone comes with the reminders app that can manage several bullet point lists so it’s always around. Additionally, there are other free apps on the app store for productivity.

Not a planner? Consider writing a letter to one’s self about goals one wants to accomplish this year and self pep talk on getting through the semester. Write a letter, seal the envelope, write a future date on it, and hang it up on the wall above your desk until you need it. High school and college is hard on everyone. There’s absolutely no shame in reopening up that letter several times a semester. Address it to be opened midway through the semester or during finals week for when a pick-me-up might be needed.

January is over, what else? It’s all in the little things. Here’s a couple of small goals that can be implemented daily in all areas of life. They can make life a little easier.

Prioritize your assignments: if it’s that time in the semester that one feels they are drowning in assignments- start somewhere. Instead of letting the overwhelming dread swallow one whole, start with the assignment is due first and finish it. Pick up a pen, open the book, open the word document, and just start. Start small- finish big.

Everything due at the same time? Start with the worst, most time consuming assignment on the do list first. Power through it, and then once completed, the rest will be easier in comparison to finish.

8 page paper assigned? Let’s reverse the trend of a caffeinated induced word vomit the night before the dropbox closes. Remember how terrible that all nighter was? Start early and set a timer for thirty minutes and do a little bit each day. Search for sources for half an hour, cite them the next day for half an hour, format your paper, and eventually you’ll be writing just half an hour a day until it’s finished. Thirty minutes of focus and it’s over.

Bad habits are hard to kick, but instead of stressing on how to get rid of them, try drowning them out by adding better habits.

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