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5 Ways to Come Back to Earth This Weekend

“He is in a constant state of stage fright, he says, because he never knows what part of his life he is going to have to act in next.” – Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five

Things have been feeling a bit dismal around here, and by here, I mean everywhere. Everyone seems to have turned cold and quizzical, etching furrows in their brows with their worries – the political atmosphere, school/work, relationship issues and financial struggles to name just a very very few. I say we take this weekend for some introspective thinking  and seek refuge in things we love. Becoming inspired can sometimes bring new solutions to light. Here are five ways to find that thing you’ve been missing – yeah, that thing.

1. Visit a museum/library

And I don’t mean Snapchatting the entire venture to look cool. Take some time to enjoy the art, the history, the marine biology if it’s available. There’s a bunch of shit on planet Earth that we deem pretty important, so it’s probably good to learn about it before it perishes in a terrible fire or something (see: The Library of Alexandria).

2. Watch a foreign film

A film teacher once told me that Americans are too used to our movies being tied up in neat little bows at the end. Foreign films on the other hand, sometimes leave a little bit more to the imagination at the end. Take some time to think about it instead of requiring all the answers right away. If you aren’t American, congratulations! Just you know, in general.

3. Take a walk

I found myself very surprised when I took a walk around where I live and noticed so many new things. No matter how long you live somewhere, there’s something that changes. It may be as small as the number of leaves on the sidewalk or the color of that stray cat that hisses at you from behind that restaurant; no matter what it is, I urge you to look. Things move so fast we forget what has always stayed. Don’t take your surroundings for granted because they could change in an instant.

4. Write a love letter

To yourself, to your friend, to your favorite color. The things and people and places we love deserve to know that we love them. Pin it to a lamppost or stick it under your bed or leave it in a library book when you return it (reminder, turn your library book back in).

5. Take your own advice for once

This step is the one I will most likely struggle with the most even though I have written it myself. We always want to give our loved ones advice in the hopes of relieving their strife. We ponder possible solutions to the problem and are very aware that some things are easier said than done. If you’re struggling with something but are afraid of how to solve it, consider what you would tell a friend or family member if it were their problem. Be brave. I’ll try too.


Be grateful and revel in your ability to think and speak and do.

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