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8 Reasons to Love Glossier

As makeup evolves, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and artists alike are always going to be looking for new trends and new companies to try. As tax return season is starting to bloom, consider making your next purchase a Glossier one.

  1. Affinity has spotlighted Glossier before briefly for spreading the word about a vegan brand. Glossier is extremely against animal testing, citing that they would never dream of testing on their office pet or any of it’s friends.
  2. Glossier is run by a woman who is the founder and CEO. Emily Weiss is a former college art student from the top tier of fashion in New York City. She used her blog and Instagram to create a platform big enough to expand into an online story for skincare and makeup. At 31 years old, she brought Glossier almost $35 million in investor funding according to a feature Time Magazine wrote on the young entrepreneur.
  3. Glossier listens to customers. At the brand’s conception, she asked what her followers would like in a cleanser and that’s how their Milky Jelly Cleanser was born. She got together with developers to give her customers what they were looking for in a product. Weiss, the CEO, calls Glossier “the first socially-driven beauty brand”.
  4. There is a diversity in who represent the Glossier brand. Women of color, such as Mekdes Mersha have a substantial role in the promotion of the beauty products. Just check out their front page and see for yourself!
  5. Affordability- although being an independent business coordinated with the efforts of many elite NYC fashion editors, the prices of Glossier products are relatively affordable, especially for the quality of the products.
  6. Simplicity- For being a relatively newer brand, customers aren’t overwhelmed with choices for products. The website is divided by skincare, makeup, and merchandise.
  7. Makeup revolution- Glossier cites itself as leading a beauty revolution in changing how beauty brands promote themselves. They believe and promote that the first step to any makeup routine is specialized skin care. Also, that the amount of makeup someone wants to wear is a choice that should be respected.
  8. Artists- Not only do Glossier listen to customers, the brand has reached out to makeup artists on their help page. Artists with certifications can apply to get closer to the brand on their help page.

After analysis of the brand, customers support an up and coming female entrepreneur CEO, a cast of workers with their ear to the ground, diverse models, and a company that loves animals. I believe it’s a worthy investment in skincare and makeup. Check out their site if you’re curious enough to shop!

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