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The Right Way To Revise

Coming up to exam season

We tend to get stressed and worried about what is yet to come. How to manage our time wisely, how to know what is right to do at the right time for us to get the grades to go to the next level, for sixth form or university for example.

Here are some revision tips to get your revision on point.

Know the syllabus

You need to be aware of what you need to know for the exam, ask teachers and lecturers for the basic aims and objectives to ensure that you can use that to revise to achieve your full potential.

Draw up a revision timetable. Even if the exam’s in a week, a few days, tomorrow, this afternoon ,planning and getting organized will help to focus your learning.

Be flexible

Don’t waste time, as much as you want to waste a day to catching up on TV programs that you have missed. You have to keep in mind your end goal of getting to that sixth form or university, which you do need good grades for. Sometimes you do have to take a break, have a social life and enjoy yourself. Do everything in moderation because there is a time for everything.

Talk through what you’ve learnt

Make time to go over what you have learnt and make sure you understand everything. You can do this by yourself, a teacher or a sibling. This will help have a solid understanding of your revision and to see if you have gaps in you revision. Don’t leave it too late you will end up getting over anxious and end up getting yourself into a panic.

Take regular breaks

Try 50 minutes on and 10 minutes off, when revising. Don’t revise for 6 hours in a row because you are only able to revise in small chunks without forgetting information.

Do something entirely different for at least a couple of hours in the evening. Watch TV, go for a walk, just generally de-stress, your body will need it.


Exercise to get the blood flowing. This will allow more oxygen to reach the brain and help it to function more efficiently, when revising. Anything you can do to get the brain working well is needed during the exam period. It allows you to be fully attentive when you are revising, which is a win- win for you.


If you find your palms sweating and you tense up at the very thought of exams, just put a bit of perspective on life – take a deep breath and chill. Sit at a proper desk, so you are in your most comfortable state. Make sure you go to bed early before exams, being refreshed is important so you don’t fall asleep in exam halls!

Most importantly; if things don’t go to plan, there are many other ways to be successful. Education may not be the way to be successful for everyone but don’t be disheartened,. Working to the best of your ability is what will open all the opportunities for you, that is all that you can do. Just try your best and you will get far. The key to success is hard work.

Don’t let exam results determine your future.

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