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A Look at What Happens In An All-Girls Boarding School: Malaysia Edition

You’ve heard about us, you’ve seen us, you might actually know one of us. There is nothing about us that doesn’t impress you; the way we gracefully walk past through you but boldly talk and express our opinions in front of a sea of audiences in an auditorium during conventions, our neatly ironed school uniforms that finishes with three small sprays of sweet, floral perfume which also matches our attitude that we want to portray. Believe me, as one of us, no one actually knows what happens inside the high faded concrete walls, and being privileged as you are, let me take you on a stroll of behind the scenes of shaping classy, high end female leaders.

1. We will be screaming about anything, and everything. Chicken for lunch at the dining hall, extra classes during the evening (or cancelled, the pitch will be higher), someone’s crush has actually followed her back on Instagram, having a conversation with each other with one at the ground floor and the other at the second, during fights, during peace, laughter, anger, sadness. We are quite, no, very chatty so imagine what it takes to tone down 700 voices in a multipurpose hall. This is the main reason why we are always required to be at certain places 5-30 minutes early before any event starts. Imagine a team of 60 prefects struggling to keep every single one of us stay like solid atomic particles and not being too hyped. You will think a thousand times before handing in forms for prefectorial board membership selection.

2. My friends are the only fashion police I need, seriously. I don’t need to waste my time and energy flipping pages of magazines like Cleo and Vogue to get the most trusted advice. “Do I look good?” is the mandatory question that I ask every time I try out one of the OOTD styles by influencers on social media. The best, and the most heartbreaking part is, they won’t lie. It’s either an “OMG you slay!” or a lecture of, “You look bad in this. Don’t wear that ever again. That color doesn’t suit you. The pants are for tall people…” and it goes on and on. Bonus point: there’s always someone that you can refer to when it comes to styling. From clothes, hair, make-up, beauty tips, you name it.

3. We are monsters. If you offer food, even if it is just a slice of bread that you can’t afford to finish, we will storm to you like a swarm of bees and eat until the ‘crime scene’ is empty until there are no signs of life has been there. We thank our formal dinners and our school for equipping us with proper table etiquettes so that we behave. Just don’t invite us for free buffet meals if you want to save a few portions for yourself, this is a warning.

4. Not all of us can dance, but everyone has the groove. Play a track on the PA system to find out. Everyone will start to sing along and sway with our own imperfect, wobbly moves. Music is our soul here, the sound that balance and keep us alive despite rushing into classes and towers of homework. I repeat, towers. This applies to everywhere we go. A tip of advice, if you date one of us, play some music to break the ice. You’re welcome.

5. The spirit between all-girls boarding schools are crazily beautiful. Yes, it is all about our respective schools when we’re competing each other in competitions, but during finals when one of us is against a team from an all-boys school, the Twitter timeline is flooded with #girlpower hashtags from everyone. The support is just surreal.

6. Don’t mess with any of us. Just don’t.

If it is up to me, this list will take forever to come to its end. It is such a beautiful journey despite every jeopardy that happened. This is my final year in high school, and I have to be honest, there is a piece of heart that is sad to leave. I wouldn’t become close to anything that I am today if it is not for the teachings, the friends and the experiences in school.

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