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People Are Buying Fake Drugs — How This Can Be Very Dangerous

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]limming pills, diet pills, body enhancement pills are all drugs rampant in the beauty industry. Women, under society pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, are in a hasty rush to buy these “magical” pills. In an effort to purchase them without the judgement of others in public and also in the sake of convenience, people tend to buy it online- a feasible, viable option. Conversely, a lurking danger exists in the purchase of non prescribed drugs in the internet: ersatz drugs.

These fake drugs compose a multibillion dollar international industry which ultimately have debilitating, counterproductive effects on their consumers. Rogue sites that illegally sell unapproved drugs have a high possibility of containing the wrong, active ingredient in them. Though they might be garnished with signs that appear legitimate, one should be well aware of what one is buying.

 Natalie Jade is an 18 year old victim of this selling of artificial medicine or drugs on the Internet. Bilked  by the photoshopped legs, curved chin, oval countenance, and curved waist of models posted on unauthorized sites, she naively purchased her diet pills online. Not too much later after consumption, she started to rapidly perspire and her heart raced as if she drank 30 cups of coffee. Symptoms continued and stretched on for two more years when she fainted. She was reported with a heart problem that could have produced fatal results, but auspiciously, she managed to survive. Natalie is one of the many victims who were carried to emergency rooms for symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, muscle spasm or stiffness, etc after being exposed to these factitious drugs.  

In order to further prevent such problems, one should only purchase medicine or drugs from state licensed pharmacies and verify with the state board of pharmacy to see if online websites meet the prerequisites of a legitimate operation. The only way to defeat this corrupt, deceptive industry that exploits people’s needs and desires is by education. Not only is making conscious choices necessary, but it is equally imperative to realize that these slimming pills in presence itself, is superfluous. Women should not be ashamed to adhere to the expectations of society to the extent in which they are desperate for online drugs.

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