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Explosions Fired Off At Ariana Grande Concert

Today at Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert there was an explosion. Fans tried to flee as a loud bang sounded on the side of the arena opposite of the stage.

Three minutes after Grande left the stage, fans were starting to exit the arena when the explosion happened. Some mistook it as a microphone dropping or a balloon popping but soon chaos arose as fans ran out of the arena in fear of what had happened.

As of now, there are confirmed fatalities and injuries, yet the police have not yet released any numbers. Grande was luckily unharmed and is confirmed to be”okay” by a spokesman.


Many fans have tweeted about their experience and have not yet recovered from the incidence. There are many accounts of blood, skin and feces everywhere, but nothing of the sort has been confirmed by local police yet.

Police are currently closing off the area to set up triage and allow for emergency vehicles to come in to help.

The police have yet to release a number of fatalities or a list of suspects.

As of now we have the victims in our prayers as we await to hear more information

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