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The Advantages Of Having A Small Circle Of Friends

It is not about popularity. It is not about being the talk of the town. It is not about being the center of attention to attract hypocrites to hold the position of a friend. Yes, it is true that the more, the merrier but at times it is better to keep the circle small to be more cautious on who you are trusting your ugly moments with. I don’t think that ‘clique’ is the right word to describe this because most of us don’t declare ourselves that way. The comfort that counts. Here’s a few advantages based on my own experience of having a small circle of friends myself.

You get to learn about each and everyone of them. You are able to remember their likes and dislikes. You are able to recognize their traits. This is the most important key in sustaining friendships in order to not offend anyone and avoid petty misunderstandings. If it occurs, you will know how to coax them. You’re their friend!

Your closest friends are your safety box of secrets. That’s why you only need a few verified people in your mind that is reliable to keep the sealed information. They must be the group of people that you are most comfortable to talk with, and you know that whatever rubbish that you say to them, they will still accept you with open arms.

The thing about having a small circle of friends is, you only have each other. These are the shenanigans that will do harsh jokes but none will get offended with it, laugh and cry with you. In this kind of friendship, usually the only reason that you get upset with each other is the small thing such as not waiting for each other to walk together for lunch, perhaps. Conceeding to the fact that these people are the only morons that you are totally cool with them messing up your life, all of you will bound back together again.

Your number may be small, but all of you have the biggest support system in your life. Yes, they will be the most honest people on the planet where a two-letter word “no” is the biggest objection, but they have abundance of empathy and love to shower when you need them most, even they will not disclose it most all the time.

Keep your self esteem high, peeps. Appreciate your circle of friends that has climbed the ladder with you since Day 1 and slay all the obstacles as a team!

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