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Stop Idolising Online Relationships

It is quite prevalent in this day and age that as individuals we like to live vicariously through the relationships we watch online or on television. Being able to watch people fall in love and watch their life as a just a “normal” couple immediately becomes seen as #RelationshipGoals. What we don’t realize is that although watching these relationships play out online are great for entertainment. It disregards the fact they are far from the truth of what happens when the camera isn’t on.

Terroll Lewis and Nakita Johnson were a couple that practically all their followers and friends deemed to be #RelationshipGoals. Terroll went from being a former gang member from Brixton in South London to becoming a fitness entrepreneur and alongside Nakita, they had their own YouTube Channel where they would daily vlog and occasionally post challenges. It was your average Youtube couple channel that hundreds of thousands of people fell in love with and deemed the couple as the Ultimate #RelationshipGoals, which is why it came as a shock when Nakita posted a photo on Instagram explaining that Terroll and her were no longer together.

I don’t even know how to put this so bare with me… Terroll and I are over. It hasn’t felt like a ‘relationship’ for a long period of time, and I appreciate everybody who showed concern when we stopped posting together, but I do think we both deserve to be happy and even if it’s not with each other, that’s OK. Fairy tales do exist, and love always wins so despite this chapter being over, I’m excited to see what else God has planned. I LOVE our YouTube channel and all the videos on there so don’t see why they should be taken down because I still watch them to this day and aside from laughing my butt off, I know I’ve personally learnt a lot through them, so wouldn’t want that to be lost. As weird as this is for me to be writing, our relationship was very public so this is the least I can do in giving you guys a simple explanation .

A post shared by NAKITA JOHNSON (@kitagirl921) on Jul 7, 2017 at 2:06pm PDT

No one was expecting this post at all and it left everyone wondering what happened between them? Nakita did not disclose any of the details but yesterday on her YouTube channel she posted a video titled, ‘Why We Are Over’ where she explicitly explained what happened between Terroll and her.

The video opens up with quite an aggressive voicemail from Terroll where we hear him say, “It’s fucking stupid…listen please don’t don’t lock me off I’m not these dickhead yutes you know, don’t lock me off like that. Wait, do you know how many yutes would take the piss out of you? Like you said that we’re over and your wish is my command, it is what it is. I hope you’re enjoying life. I hope you do your fucking thing trust me if you don’t you’re gonna be miserable for the rest of your life…”

After hearing the voicemail, Nakita begins to explain that she didn’t feel pressured to explain the details of what happened between Terroll and her and she also felt as though the Instagram post she made was more than enough but decided that she couldn’t withhold it anymore and she was done protecting Terroll after what has come to light.

I need people specifically young men and women to know that I would never want anybody to stay in an unhealthy situation no matter how public it is.

She explains the relationship between them and how she thought she had hit the jackpot and mentions how there were many signs that could’ve saved her from being hit but she chose to overlook it. She fell in love with the facade of Terroll: a “community loving gentleman”.

Nakita goes onto explain things in more detail about some events that took place within her relationship but one major thing that shocks me was when she explained that Terroll is a very violent person and she had been present for one to many incidents that have now left her scared and how she has nightmares as well.

A lot of information is brought to light in this video, from Terroll being violent, manipulative towards Nakita and also the fact that he has cheated on her multiple times. It’s very sickening and upsetting to hear this but also what Nakita herself went through.

There has been no official response from Terroll Lewis but in an Instagram video, Terroll says “give me twenty-four hours for my response” to Nakita’s Youtube Video.

If this situation with Nakita and Terroll doesn’t prove to people that they shouldn’t idolize online relationships then I don’t know what will. Our generation seems to have a skewed idea of what love should be like and immediately deems anything that said couple does as #RelationshipGoals. We only see the extravagant aspects of their lives but at times there are many unhealthy aspects of these relationships that are hidden.

The idolization of online relationships and relationships, in general, need to stop. We put these couples on pedestals and idolizing them has created this fantasy in the “average” person’s relationship. This idolization and fascination with relationships lead to the pressing issues of normalizing unhealthy relationships. There is more to someone than meets the eye.

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