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First Group of Afghan Women Graduated From a Women’s Studies Program

On Nov. 5, the first group of Women’s Studies Graduates received their degrees at Kabul University in Afghanistan.

In Afganistan, Kabul University is the first university to offer a masters degree in women and gender studies. This two-year program, which is funded by South Korea and is run by the United Nations Development Programme, offers a variety of courses on feminist theories, media, civil society and conflict resolution.

Among the 22 students who are the first to graduate from this program were seven male students.

Mujtaba Arefi, one of the male graduates stated that “this is the beginning of a change.” He also said that this program is a huge step towards change for women living in Afghanistan, as it allows individuals to understand a women’s place and status in their current society and he hopes that this program can help make a change towards gender equality.

Another graduate, Sajia Sediqqi, stated that she hopes she and the other graduates can use their degree as a way to improve the situation of women living in Afghanistan.

“In a short period of time, we cannot bring about any dramatic change, but with our higher education we can help change our society and serve our people, particularly our women,” Sediqqi said.

Congratulations to all the women and men who are the first to graduate from this program, as this is a huge step towards change and equality.

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