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How I’m Cluelessness About Life After High School

During high school, I always had these illusions about my plans after I successfully throw my graduation cap to the air. Have a drivers license, go to every place that I eagerly wanted to go without having to wait for my parents’ free time to send me there, crash a party every weekend, show my identification card without fear at the ticket counter to watch R rated movies, spend most of my time with my friends being young, free and reckless, going around breaking the rules and outgrowing our school uniforms.

Unfortunately, nobody has ever told me that life after high school is much more difficult than high school itself. Given seven months off before university life is surely every students’ dream, but nobody has ever told me to what exactly I should  do with it.  The salary that you get when you work is definitely a satisfaction because you finally get to taste your own effort. Don’t need anyone’s approval with whatever you want to do with it, but then I had to think about other consequences that come with the commitment; the time that I don’t get all to myself.

I want to do a lot of things, and I know that some of them might barge in the schedule, hence I can’t freely explore the world my own way like that. License? Every student that will be taking driving classes is bounded to specific hours of classes before you get to be tested on the road. See, the time crisis again. Friends? They’re scattered everywhere, doing only God knows what. Of course, you’ll stay connected with them because they’re equally as dumbfounded as you are, not knowing what to do with their time, but you still can’t see them as frequently as you would like to after school. In fact, you won’t get to see some of these friends at all.

So, everyday, every time I wake up, I would keep my eyes open and look at the ceiling for some moment, trying to figure out how to make this day productive without making the shopping mall an option.  I began to try to make myself useful in the household. It sounds like a devoted homemaker, but why not? Tidying up the house becomes a mental therapy, and seeing everyone happy with your cooking although it is just sunny side ups for breakfast brings so much joy to me.

I have given most of my years as a student, but now, I should try to devote my days to my family, my friends before I have to admit myself to the books again. When I say books, I don’t ask you to leave them. Have a good read on the genres that you love with a good cup of coffee, or start reading books on the subjects that you like, for example, on medicine, or robotics, psychology, entrepreneurship, anything that is beneficial. Free your mind with traveling and going places. Blend in the society instead of being a plain tourist and try out everything.  Attend gigs, open mics, events, concerts and make new friends to largen the circle. Basically, this break is the only time where you can try out the wildest things that you think that you cannot do, but will be proud enough to say that you have done it once in your life. Most importantly, improve your relationships with people, spend time with them and appreciate their presence. Also, cut negativity and start absorbing positive vibes in your life so you’ll have a healthy break.

Enjoy the long-awaited holiday students, have fun wisely!

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