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We Surround Our Self With Media That Reinforces Our Beliefs

Politically, it is significantly easier to surround yourself with either right or left leaning views for a sense of stability. I could read the Drudge Report and watch Fox News and live in a conservative bubble, or I could read Huffington Post and watch CNN inside a liberal bubble. It’s much simpler to choose a side than to constantly question your own truth.

In the end, when it comes to political issues there is never a black and white, there are always shades of grey.

Genuinely, people are politically right, left, or in the middle. The right and left tend to be more involved in politics and debate than the middle. Media tends to cater towards a political side for loyal viewers.

Today, the political divide is bigger than ever, and it is nice to hear from the media that you are right. It isn’t easy to constantly question your opinions, because when it comes to controversial topics like abortion and gun control, they often reflect what we personally think is ethical, and we stand behind our opinion so strongly. Both sides of the political spectrum seem to find it bad to console with the other side. Red and blue “pilling” is a term used to describe someone who gives into the other side.

However, what really is so bad about listening to the other side? It doesn’t mean you need to agree. The most powerful advantage you can have in a debate is understanding why the opposing side thinks that way.

No matter your political stance, it is always healthy to be open to conversation with the opposing side. You can debate with someone without being uncivil. Personally, living in a politically divided community has given me the opportunity to see the other side of the political spectrum for more than just the media, but, from people I know. I have learned to listen to the people I disagree with and respect their views without changing mine.

I encourage everyone else to do the same. Coming back to the media, we surround ourselves with what makes us feel right and valid, I mean who wouldn’t? People could constantly question their truth, or they could just pick a biased media outlet and rely on it.

Even though the overall trust in the media has gone down, the trust in polarized media sources has gone up for consistent liberals and conservatives. 47% of consistent conservatives use Fox News as their main news source, while consistent liberals use an array of main news sources; %15 CNN, 12% MSNBC, and 13% NPR.

If people were to look at both left and right-leaning media outlets, it could help them explore their worldview and be more open to conversation. People should be able to have a political conversation with the “other side” without abandoning their political identity. As long as it does not cause harm, you can respect someones political view without agreeing.

We surround ourselves with media that reinforces our beliefs because it is nice to know that we are correct. I am guilty of it, and so are many others. I encourage you to listen to both sides of the story before making a conclusion.

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