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5 reasons why Troye Sivan is one of the best upcoming artists

we see now days a lot of new musical artists who would take the music industry to a definitely new direction for example, Troye Sivan Mellet better knowing as Troye Sivan the 21-year-old south African/Australian singer/songwriter built his brand on YouTube where he outed himself as gay to millions of subscribers in 2013 and now, he makes post-genre pop for the Spotify set. sivan has recently released his new music video heaven, where a montage of moments that have impacted the LGBTQ community such as icon Harvey Milk and protests play out. and his debut album Blue Neighbourhood back in December 2015 as billboard said :

” Blue Neighbourhood features soft-touch synths and booming drum machines worthy of the next Lorde or Taylor Swift record…”

then supported the album with 2016’s Blue Neighbourhood tour and Suburbia tour.

Sivan is currently on break chilling with his 22-year-old Ford model boyfriend Jacob Bixenman, but hey he’s coming back with a 2nd album so here’s the top 5 reasons of why we think Troye Sivan is  one of the best up-coming artists :

1- his creativity knows no boundaries

as Troye said ” When it comes to like being creative, there’s no real boundaries. Like, if it’s music, I’ll say anything and everything. But then as far as like — you know, I would love to be more public about that stuff. I think in general I like sharing, but at the same time it’s like . . . I want to be able to reserve that right to say like, ‘That’s something I don’t talk about.'”

2- he’s woke AF and useing his fame for good

” I have a platform and I should be using it to spread good if I can.”

also he visited the Ali Forney Center in New York to talk LGBTQ homelessness saying “As a community, we’ve come so far, but we clearly have a very, very long way to go, Now it’s my job and our job to keep pushing that forward and keep things moving in the right direction.”

3- he helps & gives the courage to his LGBT+ fans to come out

back in March 2016 one of Troye’s fans in his concert in Washington D.C. for the Blue Neighbourhood tour actually came out to her mother as bisexual via note


this is just one example to show how inspirational he is.

4- he’s an out-spoken aware artist

Troye always consistently speaks out for the LGBT+ rights, and others, not forgetting him showing up at the women’s march in D.C. last month with his friends, Adam Eli, Hri nef and his boyfriend Jacob bixenman.

On the left boyfriend Jacob Bixenman, on the right Hari nef and Adam Eli.

5- his music literally takes you to another place

you haven’t given him any go ? what are you waiting for !? he’s just at the beginning of his career and already killing it singing and writing, his music would definitely take you to another place because of how realistic and honest it is, specifically that he’s writing it by himself based on real stuff that has happened to him.

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