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Choosing the Right Footage for Your Project’s Trailer

While it should be the last part of the entire movie production process, creating the trailer can also be considered to be one of the most important aspects, too. This is the marketing tool that will help to promote the film and be used to make people want to watch what takes place on the big screen.

If the trailer has been created correctly, it can have a huge influence on the success that is achieved. If it is created badly, then there is a likelihood that the film will struggle to sell tickets at the box office, thus potentially making it a failure before it is even released.

Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of work that goes into creating the best trailers possible. There are a number of hours that will go into producing the short promotional tool to ensure the right balance of intrigue and deception is provided. The whole story does not want to be given away in the trailer, but there needs to be something juicy included in order to pique interest and convince moviegoers to purchase a ticket the next time they head to the theatre. How is this all achieved, though? How do creators make sure they get the right footage to use?

Identify Your Project’s Main Themes and Key Moments

Before even getting started on the production of the trailer and selecting potential footage that could be used, those who work in the marketing department will want to make sure they have identified the right themes and stories that are being told. This may involve looking at key moments, as this can be a great way to reveal a certain situation but without giving audiences the full picture without seeing the movie.

Those that are able to carefully ensure they understand the themes and story of the movie are then able to select the right type of footage that can then make the film a potential success when it comes to being released at the box office.

Choose Shots that Stand Out Visually

Once the narrative and theme of the movie have been understood, there is a heightened importance on the shots that are used. As stressed already, it is important to give just enough but not too much to ensure interest is piqued as much as possible without being too revealing.

Trailer creators will need to make sure they pick the most visually-stunning shots that are used. By picking these, viewers will likely be left in a sense of awe or left craving for more, therefore leaving them with no choice but to have to watch the film when it is released.

Using Software Tools to Help Enhance Visual Appeal

Obtaining the right shots might sound like a challenging task. Still, it is not as difficult as it may seem, especially with technology now available to help enhance the visuals that are used and make them more appealing. Platforms like FXhome have become extremely popular across the industry because of the various tools and techniques that are available to enhance the images and shots taken, with the software being easy to use, too.

As shots can be edited to appear visually engaging, movie trailers can feature almost any shot that they want, as long as it fits in with the narrative and the themes of the movie that should have been highlighted in the first stage of the process. If they do this correctly, a spruce up of the shots used can help make a huge difference.

Consider the Tone & Beat of Your Project

Alongside making sure the right theme and visuals are used, creating a potentially successful trailer should also include the tone it gives off and the beat that it follows. The tone is important as this can help to highlight what type of movie genre the film fits, thus giving potential viewers an expectation ahead of its release and knowing whether it is likely to suit their tastes.

When speaking of the beat, it is important for the trailer to match up its footage with the music that is ultimately played on top. If the shots used do not match, then there will be a little confusion about the message that is being provided, which could then have an impact on how well it is received once released.

Various Aspects Need to Be Considered

Given the importance of movie trailers, it is hardly a surprise that there are so many different aspects that need to be considered when trying to select the right footage. In doing so, the chances of having a successful release at the box office are significantly increased in comparison to if they are not!

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