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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Process of Creating Concept Art for Science Fiction Movies

Science fiction films have become one of the most exciting and engaging to watch as filmmakers are able to create otherworldly environments that many would have found extremely difficult to create within their own minds. They take visions from the depths of their own imaginations and are able to implement them as part of the story or creation that they want to tell on the big screen.

Audiences who watch the final depiction are typically immersed and engaged with what is happening, with many getting lost in the moment and believing everything that they see, which can be a tough challenge with this particular movie genre in comparison to others. Nonetheless, it is clear that technology plays a pivotal role in helping to make this plausible and achievable.

Concept art is one of the biggest elements in making Sci-fi flicks appear as lifelike as possible, as this is the technique that helps to take the ideas from paper and propel them onto the screen for all to see.

What is concept art?

For individuals who may not have an idea of what the term concept art means, it is simply a type of illustration technique that is used to help bring an idea to life as a finished product. As highlighted, it plays a crucial role within the Sci-fi movie genre, as it is what helps to make characters and otherworldly settings appear as real as they do when on screen and if they were things that could be experienced by everyone in modern society.

Concept art is used to help establish the visual style and tone of the movie, as it provides artists with the roadmap that they need to follow in order to create the vision that the filmmaker has. A roadmap also helps everyone to be on the same page, thus making sure the right visuals are always being used and nothing is wrong. 

How is concept art created?

There are numerous ways in which artists are able to create the concept art that is desired. There are numerous special effects and after effects tools that are now available for anyone to use, with many of them available on the internet. These tools each help artists to be able to start from the very beginning and go all the way to the end of the process as they are able to produce the final design, whether that be for characters used, worlds designed, or anything else that needs to be created.

Artists can use the software available to sketch, draw, and paint their ideas, while they also have the ability to make edits and start again if needed. Once they have a design, they can then use them to create more detailed edits on the chosen option, or they can turn them into 3D to give them a lifelike appearance. Designs that are created can then be sent to directors who can give the final say on what they think about them and whether they will be used.

The importance of concept art in Sci-Fi films

Having already alluded to the impact that concept art can have on this particular movie genre, its importance simply cannot be understated. Sci-fi movies face one of the biggest challenges in the movie industry, as they have to be considered believable by many audiences in order to be immersed in the action and want to carry on watching.

Concept art – when done correctly – can help directors to achieve this as they are able to make extraterrestrial characters appear in a variety of unique ways. At the same time, they are able to make planets and other settlements look futuristic or even Earth-like through the drawings that are created. Star Wars is just one film that has been able to use concept art successfully as audiences were gripped by the characters and the environments, as well as the spaceships and technology used throughout the franchise. If done poorly, then there is a likelihood viewers will find it highly difficult to appreciate what they are watching, even if the story is interesting.

With technology continuing to improve at a rapid rate and films like Avatar showing what is possible with it, it would not be a shock if we were to see the Sci-fi genre create even newer experiences in the future that capture the imagination of its audiences and takes it to new heights.

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