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How To Handle Going to a Concert Alone

It’s that time of the year when your favorite band finally comes to your town, and you’re already ordering tickets when you realize:

  1. None of your friends know this band or
  2. No one is able to go with you.

You’re desperate to go so you say “what the hell” and decide to go alone. You’re at the venue and you realize everyone is there with friends and you’ve got no one to enjoy this awesome show with. Not only that, but (like me) you could also be an anxious wreck.

How the hell will I not feel overwhelmed?

There is one thing that will get you so very far not only in shows but in general; being open. trust me I know talking to strangers could seem like a scary thing but not if you’re prepared. Pretending to be on your phone can only help in so many occasions. See someone with a cool outfit? Compliment them and your presence will be acknowledged more, which can only create more conversation if you keep it going.

Why should I go alone?

Meeting cool people with common interests isn’t the only reason, but not having to worry about dancing, singing, or shouting along to your favorite lyrics in front of your friend is quite relieving. Personally I’ve been shy to be myself when I feel like my close friends are observing me (which I’m sure they aren’t), but connecting with the music and the band you’re seeing is a new type of feeling. Also remember that you’re not always alone at the show unless you’re the only person in the whole entire venue. Being in the moment when at a concert only makes it memorable, even not trying to get every second of the concert on your phone makes it a lot better since you’ll be living through the experience.

Do I have to make friends?

Being at a concert does not mean you have to impress others, most people at shows are accepting for they are at the same place as you for the same reason. Although, making new friends is always fun, you purchased your ticket so you can have a good time, pursue that!

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Andrea is a sixteen year old Hispanic girl who lives in California. She enjoys stealing her dads cassettes, educating herself through fashion magazines, ethnic studies, and watching old movies. She dances, makes short films with her friends, and goes to crappy free shows. You can follow her instagram @nervousteen


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