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No We Aren’t Being Overdramatic, We Are Doomed

I rushed home from work to watch the election results with my dad and sisters. I kept getting texts and I ignored them all as I constantly refreshed my Twitter feed to compare the mixed emotions of the internet (Which was half memes and half frenzied people), with what was actually happening right in front of our eyes on the TV screen. My dad tells me he feels uneasy, that this unsettling to him. I refuse to move to go to do anything, but I finally had to get up and walk away from the television screen hoping to see a difference when I come back to it.

I have my friends telling me how scared they are and other people brushing off the fear with annoyance of the keyboard warriors of twitter. The frustration builds up and as I look at Trump’s chances rising higher and higher and I start to cry.

People have made this election into a giant joke. They have once again turned a very real and scary situation to ease their minds of the actual possibility of the horrible results coming from this election. As I Facetime my best friend and explain to her what I am watching I cry because of how scared I am for this.

We have now let a man who targets minorities to build up his power and strength; a man who was being tried for rape; a man who supports the division of our country is now our president.

And I’m upset, my family is upset, my friends and colleagues are upset and we have every right to be. I hope and pray that we all stay safe because this man has shown that he will leave a blind eye to violent acts against women, gays, transgenders, PoC.

The more I saw suicide hotlines appear on my feed I had a disturbingly realization that there will be many people who will feel that helpless and fearful after tonight. I ask for all of us to stick together and help keep one another safe from those who believe they are entitled to do and say as they feel since we have a president who allows and can tolerate this type of behavior because he himself exhibits the same kind of behavior. Do not be silenced, do not feel ashamed, and do not be hopeless. There is still love and support for all.

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