The BBC Mock Abuse and Enslavement For Comedy

‘The Real Housewives Of Isis’ is part of a new BBC Two Revolting series. Based on the Real Housewives series, the sketch attempts to poke fun at the terrorist group and at ISIS brides.

Is this really what TV licenses are funding?

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of satire here and there, but this mocks real oppression and the ongoing slaughter of many and all for what? The sketch isn’t funny, it is offensive and can lead to the promotion of islamophobia. The sketch isolates women who wear the niqab, hijab or abaya, when they are already targeted again and again.

This show not only adds to the negative stereotype, but it feeds the viewers a racist view of Islam.

Also, the fact that the BBC have this huge platform and have produced such a thing is disappointing and absolutely disgusting. In an attempt to ridicule the terrorist group, you are actually promoting hate and intolerance within your own country.

I don’t know how we have become so heartless as a society where we are mocking a horrific reality. While the sketch shows women obsessing over their new TNT suicide jackets, the real housewives of ISIS are being deceived, raped and abused.

Shows like this really do show blatant bigotry and recently it seems that shows which claim to be helping the integration of our society are becoming a trend, but what these shows are actually doing is adding to the views of narrow-minded people and creating a xenophobic population.

It is clear that the BBC do not care about the tensions in society. Being a Muslim in the U.K., I am constantly told we are not integrating but when we try to or when we try to get rid of these awful stereotypes, we are shut down. Every time we take a step forward, we are knocked two steps back. Thanks BBC.



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