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Stop Giving Violent Anti-Semitic Bigots Work


Warner Bros is in early talks to have Mel Gibson direct the sequel to the DC super hero movie, Suicide Squad, further proving you can get away with whatever you want as a wealthy straight white man, and your career will be totally undamaged. While they’re still in early talks, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and there are several other directors are in the running, this brings up the topic, why is Mel Gibson still being considered by anyone, to make anything, anymore?

Mel Gibson is also listed to star in the movie romanticizing police brutality, “Dragged Across the Concrete” with Vince Vaughn, that apparently comes out in 2018, as listed on IMBD. It says that the two police officers find themselves suspended after a video of their brutality surfaces, and then go searching for justice for themselves. With it sounding like the movie will be full of white privilege, male privilege and romanticizing the police, we’ll all probably skip that one.

With his anti-Semitism, and domestic violence being what anyone knows him for, mostly the unpleasant anti-Semitic rant he went on after being pulled over in 2006 for a DUI, “stained” his persona, or so insists Hollywood. In fact, it doesn’t really seem to have done anything negative for him at all. During the recording of his arrest, and you can read it in his 2006 arrest report, he claimed “the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” and continued from there. On a Variety Playback podcast, he insisted he’d never discriminated against anyone, and that it was a “nervous breakdown”.  There is of course his domestic violence allegations, at different times, and the disgusting voice mails that he left on Oksana Grigorieva’s answering machine, who is the mother of his child. His ‘nervous breakdown’ seems like more of an excuse for his bigoted, violent, anti-Semitic, rants and behavior.
He still gets invited to the Golden Globes, and the Academy Awards. He recently directed Hacksaw Ridge, nominated for multiple awards this season, and he’s currently up for a best director nod at the Academy Awards at the end of February. It’s disgusting that a man with such a tainted past, full of violence and bigotry, would even still be considered for mainstream, A-list movies, or anything at all.

Since Hollywood doesn’t seem to want to stop supporting bigots, and violent white men, and giving them huge platforms they do not deserve, we need to use our power as consumers in this situation. Express your displeasure at Warner Bros that they’d even suggest letting him direct Suicide Squad 2.

Stop paying for his movies, if you still do at all, let Hollywood know that this black mark on the entertainment industry, isn’t going to be ignored, even if they continue to turn a blind eye to what he’s done. This goes for all anti-Semitic, abusers. Stop letting bigots collect your money, there are so many amazing directors itching for their turn to direct A-list movies, and it’s time we throw bigots into the trash, and let them fade into obscurity.

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Bristol is a 20 year old Canadian. She's a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and happily pansexual. She's a passionate social activist, bath bomb lover, and hot chocolate drinker. Some of her specific areas of interest include, LGBT+ issues, racism, and sex-ed.

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