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7 Indonesian Indie Groups the World Should Listen Right Now

Perhaps this is kinda new to you. Perhaps you never heard of names that you will read below. Perhaps you never heard any of these songs, or maybe you never listen to Indonesian songs. If that so, then you come to the right place!

Believe it or not, Indonesia has so many music diversities and currently spawned musicians with great reliable works and capabilities are often not very well known in the international world. There are so many qualified musicians in Indonesia, especially indie musicians, that produce amazing songs you may never heard before, but if you give it a try, you will be amazed by their talents and innovations in music.

Here are some recommendations for 7 indie Indonesian groups that hopefully, you can add up to your favorite songs list!

Stars and Rabbit

Known since 2011, this duo from Yogyakarta released their very first album in 2015. Stars and Rabbit’s album ‘Constellation’ proves that 4 years of waiting is completely worth the wait! Stars and Rabbit has their own ‘breathe’ of music. They have unique style and genre. This indie-duo will make you want to sing, jump, smile, and make you want to listen to them more and more. Their songs will turn your world into an imaginary world.

Listen to their songs: Man Upon the Hill, Old Man Finger, Worth It

Payung Teduh

If you are looking for a song that will make you think, sad, happy or even fall in love, you should listen to this band. Their songs will send you to the top of a green hill, cold, but warm, everything is just right, you are sleepy, and you will be grateful for the calmness in your heart.

Listen to their songs: Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan, Berdua Saja

Banda Neira

This is a unique duo indie. Songs that they presented always have a very deep meaning. Every time you listen to Banda Neira, you will also feel the calmness hiding in every note they hit, you will feel the serenity, restlessness, love and comfort. You will fall in love whenever you listen to their songs, fall in love with a person, or maybe with memories, rain, dreams, sky and ocean.

Sadly, this duo broke up in December 2016. However, their songs will forever be in the air, touching soul every time someone listens to their song.

Listen to their songs: Sampai Jadi Debu, Pelukis Langit, Langit dan Laut


This is a very iconic indie band from Indonesia. Originated from Jakarta in 2004, Float started to gain public’s attention in 2007. They have a very smart musicality. Mixing genres into their songs and created very honest, straight and poetic lyrics are two of few reasons why this band is very worth for you to listen.

Listen to their songs: Pulang, Sementara

Endah N Rhesa

Formed in 2004. This husband and wife couple is one of the legendary indie group in Indonesia. Their songs are rich in the genre; folk, jazz, blues, ballads, etc. Each song represents their unique style, and their performances never failed to make you smile. Their lyrics are relatable, make us feel connected every time we listen to them.

(And yes, their live performance is very romantic.)

Listen to their songs: When You Love Someone, Untuk Dikenang, Tentang Seseorang, Wish You Were Here


This band was formed in 2012. Barasuara has their own special way to deliver songs, they have a very special style in their music, every time you listen to their songs, you will immediately know that this is Barasuara’s songs. Their music is explosive. They have a very grand melody combined with clever lyrics. The other thing that makes their music different is that their music has strong Indonesian shades.

Listen to their songs: Bahas Bahasa, Sendu Melagu, Tarintih

Elephant Kind

Showed up in 2015, Elephant Kind managed to steal people’s attention. They serve a very fresh music style into Indonesia’s music world. Listening to their songs will make you want to jump, dance and realize that there are so many talents in this world!

Listen to their songs: Oh Well, Montage

If we talk about music, the lists can go on and on and on. However, you already have seven new indie group band that can be added to your music list, so it is never hurt to give it a try!

Perhaps you may never hear of them before, but perhaps, you will love it once you hear it.

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