We Need to Stop Dismissing Women Abusers

Trigger warning : Abuse, Domestic violence

Whenever news comes out about a man abusing a woman, we as a society all shun him out and show our ultimate support for the victim. This is how society should react and it is good, we are collectively stating that the actions of this abuser are wrong and he should be locked up in jail because no woman deserves to be treated like that.

Now, what about the cases when the woman is the abuser and the victim is a man? Society usually ends up dismissing these cases or end up making it a joke when really, it’s not a funny matter at all. Just like women, men do not deserve to get abused either. Abuse is abuse and it is not okay in any circumstances.

We see a common occurrence of us shaming abusers like Chris Brown and Casey Affleck, which we should but what about abusers like Emma Roberts? In 2013, Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic abuse towards boyfriend Evan Peters who was reported to be left with a bloody nose and bite marks. However, Emma Roberts was dismissed hours later because Evan Peters did not want to press charges. Although, Evan Peters may not have seen Emma’s actions towards him as a big deal, it still says a lot about society and the way we react towards female abusers.

Just recently, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters were seen together at the Vanity Fair Oscar party and it had a lot of people talking about how “cute” they looked together. This also resulted in many people on twitter and other media sources claiming that they are “relationship goals”.

Although it has been years later and the relationship between Emma and Evan may have been restored it still does not make Emma’s actions towards Evan acceptable.

It is common for society to dismiss male victims and not take their cases as seriously because apparently to society “men cannot get abused”.

However, that is not the case at all, men can get abused too and women can be the abusers. Abuse is not just a one sided issue designated for one specific gender, anyone can be a victim and anyone can be an abuser.  We need to react the same to all abusers whether it’s a man or a woman, abuse is abuse and it is never acceptable. 




  1. I really appreciate you bringing light to this subject. As a male who was in relationship with a woman who would hit me for years, I had the courage to break it off with her. People thought i was weak for letting myself get into that situation but it taught me it only made me a stronger person. Thank you once again for bringing up this topic. No one deserves to be abused. regardless of any factor.

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