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How to Survive the Second Semester of Senior Year

Senior year of high school: you’ve either been there or you will be. This fact doesn’t make the last year of high school any easier though. Now that summer and graduation is near, it can be even harder to concentrate and end on a successful note. Senioritis may kick in more than ever, but there are ways to combat it!

Here are 5 tips to help deal with senioritis in the second semester:

1. Spend time with friends and family: I promise when you look back on your senior year, you will not remember the majority of your assignments. However, you will remember the people you were surrounded by. Don’t forget to cherish your time with them, especially before you leave for college or anywhere else you go to live as an adult. The friends you have in high school may be friends you never see again, so don’t be afraid to spend some extra time with them instead of worrying about the test you have already studied too much for.

2. Do things you love: No matter how much work you have to do, make sure that the obligations of high school do not completely overtake your other interests. This is still your life: recognize the power of your own desires and interests. If you want to stay up 30 minutes later to listen to your favorite podcast, do it! Do you love reading, but can’t find the time to pick up a book for fun? Keep one in your backpack to read when you have some extra free time. If you let school take over your entire life, then you are more likely to grow unmotivated and frustrated with it. Keeping your life balanced with your interests and academics will hopefully keep you sane through stressful and busy times.

3. Keep a countdown:​ One of the easiest ways to actively look forward to something and to gain perspective on a situation is to count down to it’s end. Download a countdown app that will show you how many days of school you have until the last day or until graduation. This will show you how temporary high school truly is- even if it doesn’t feel like it whatsoever. I recommend making a separate countdown with just the school days until the last day of school; the number you get is considerably smaller and a lot more motivating.

4. Be mindful of your mental state: This is one of the most tiring and annoying years for so many people- including me. Keep a journal, talk to friends, or just be cognizant of the way you are feeling during this time where schoolwork could not possibly be more inconvenient and seemingly pointless. End the year positively by being consistently aware of your thoughts and your attitude. It is so easy to slip into a negative and even angry disposition when you are stuck in a situation you don’t like, but try to stay positive. You never know, maybe one day when you look back on your high school years, you’ll see that your positive attitude made high school not too bad after all. Additionally, don’t feel bad about taking a few mental health days if you are feeling off. We all have to take days to cope sometimes- there is absolutely nothing to feel bad about. You deserve a break!

5. Appreciate the opportunity: I don’t mean to preach or rant, but high school is a truly special chance to learn a lot about yourself. Yes, it is terrible at times (most of the time, really) but it is such a good educational opportunity that so many people would love to have or do over. Take this time before graduation to understand and appreciate your time at school. I hate saying this as much as you probably hate hearing it, but you will never get this time back. Embrace what your school has to offer and learn from this sacred time as a senior.

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