Huge Breasts: Hyper-Sexualized, Under-Represented, with Over-Priced and Not Accessible Bras

There is so much fat shaming, rampant in mainstream society, and of course in the fashion world, that sometimes people forget that bra sizes continue past a DDD. The average bra size in America is 34DD, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by store stock and representation.

Buying a bra that’s over 38DDD is not only difficult to find, but it’s expensive. Stores don’t stock the sizes, you’re stuck shopping online, of course you have no idea if it’s going to fit properly, and you still have to fork out $50-$80 a bra. Extenders can help sometimes, but it generally makes your bra ill fitting if you’re not looking for an increase in band size. Most people aren’t wearing the correct bra size, and are simply wearing something that’s “close”.

If you live in a rural area, like I did for most of my life, there was no ability to buy a bra in my size, there just weren’t any stores that stocked them. Most of the time I was just suggested to shop online, but of course, this meant spending ridiculous money on bras that might not fit, and then having to ship them back over and over. It was a huge waste of money. For some people, shopping online isn’t an option. They don’t have access to the internet, they don’t have a credit card, there are a multitude of reasons. Just because someone has access to a bra in their size, does not mean that all people have the same financial stability, or ability to access a store.

Lack of access applies to sports bras too. It is important that someone with huge boobs is able to work out, and if there’s no sports bras available, it’s difficult to workout and be safe and comfortable, if you’re not properly contained. It’s a lose/lose situation. People mock you for not working out, but you can’t work out because you can’t find a suitable sports bra to let you workout in.

As someone that has continued getting a reduction multiple times, the size of my breasts doing actual damage to my back and body, I’ve heard, on numerous occasions, just as other people that have considered the same thing have, that “it’s such a waste” and “what will your boyfriend think”, like I’m supposed to care that my boyfriend might be “disappointed” in my suddenly smaller breasts. My boyfriend supports my decision, but if I was less confident, that would be a major curve ball.

Lots of people are dating people that don’t support them, and if their boyfriend told them that it was a “waste” they were getting a reduction, even at the expense of their health and body, they’d probably just try and suck it up for him. It’s time to stop assuming that breasts are the property of someone’s partner, and that you have to ask them before you alter anything on your body. I shouldn’t have to screen with my boyfriend first, what I’m going to do with my body. The size of my boobs aren’t his business, and even if he did care, I wouldn’t. I’m not here to be aesthetically pleasing.

Huge boobs are looked at like they’re no longer attached to a person. You’re stripped of your humanity when it comes to your breasts. They’re so big, so people are fascinated. They ask invasive questions, make irritating comments that you’ve heard a million times before, and it can even become a topic at the workplace. In my own experience people actually didn’t think it was sexual harassment to discuss the size of my boobs because they were so large, and thought that it was just “friendly banter”.

It actually is sexual harassment to try and discuss, touch, or make further unwanted comments into the size of someones breasts. It doesn’t matter if someone has seen boobs that size before, or they’re just curious. Just stop.

Huge breasts are also sexualized far more than other breasts. Tank tops that aren’t usually sexualized are immediately sexualized when there is cleavage. Mentioning that there is cleavage when someone’s wearing a tank top is inane. Yes there is, and? I’m not going to boil alive all summer because cleavage offends you. Hyper sexualizing of breasts also genders them “female” , so trans people that have breasts but don’t identify as a woman have a hard time passing if they’re not binding their breasts. If breasts weren’t gendered, trans people would have a lot easier time, and would experience less harassment.

While some people do have access to stores that stock their sizes, it doesn’t erase the experience of the vast majority of people that are stuck spending a fortune, to have a bra that doesn’t fit them, mailed to them without being able to try it on. There is a lack of access, lack of representation, and a society built off of sexually harassing you, while pretending that it’s “curiosity”. Basically, having huge boobs in the West, sucks.



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