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I’m a Wiccan. Here’s What it Means.

When I decided I would become a Wiccan, or what other people call a witch, I was afraid to tell. When most people hear “witchcraft”, they hear “satanic”, or picture one of the various Halloween stereotypes out there. This is all due to misinformation that’s been perpetuated for centuries. Here’s what all Wiccans really want you to know:

  1. We’re not going to hex you. The guiding principle of witches is the power of three rule, which states that whatever we send forth will be cast back onto us three times. While hexes can be done, they are nothing that real Wiccans want to mess with. The closest thing we do is binding spells, which keep someone from doing harm to others or to themselves.
  2. We aren’t all black and wicked and gross. While some have a more gothic style preference, it is merely style. Witches believe in the power of nature, and celebrate it in all its glory- we are more hippy than we are green skinned or goth!
  3. We don’t worship Satan. In fact, we don’t believe in Satan at all! Witches hold all kinds of beliefs, from the belief that there are numerous Gods to the belief that there are none. However, none of us believe we’re going to rule a fiery pit with Satan.
  4. The rumors about us were created in the middle ages. Wiccan is an ancient religion which many believe other religions stem from, and we are mostly Celtic in nature. When Catholicism spread, they were disgusted by our “primitive” practices. This led to centuries of persecution.
  5. We do cast spells, but they are almost like prayers. They are self-fulfilling prophecies; if we put our heart into a spell because we want something bad enough, we are going to strive forward in spirit to get it.
  6. None of us judge you. We are all made of energy; I am you, and you are I, and we are all made from elements of the world. No matter what you believe, we will embrace you, to make for a more peaceful world.
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