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College Freshman Guide

As the school year nears to an end, senior high school students feel the pressure of college nearing closer. There is long break in between the end of high school senior year and the beginning of you first college year, so take your time to have fun and relax. Do not worry about your first day of college during the break, it will only make it worst. College sound scary, but if you think about it, so did high school when you were in junior high. As the summer grows closer to an end and you begin staring at your class schedule with a knot in your throat and your heart hammering in your chest, take a deep breath and relax. The change of scenery is dramatic, you will be attending a campus way larger than you could have imagined in high school. Finding your lecture room will sound terrifying but just breathe, you’ll find it. Universities and colleges host orientation events that will inform you of what you need to know.

Several universities had apps that are easy to find in the app store. These apps will be of great help. Many of these apps contain a campus map that tell you where everything is. Trust me, as hard and horrifying as it might seem, finding your lecture room will not be as complicated as you think, this comes from experience. If you do, find yourself lost, there will be plenty of people around to ask, don’t be shy.

If you are not living on ground, I suggest you arrive early your first day so that you have time to explore a bit and find your lecture room. As for those living on campus, there will be no trouble at all. Universities have several of welcoming events and you will have of plenty time to explore around campus once you are all settled in in your dorm.

Helpful Advice

  1. Once you’re all settled in your classes, try to make at least a friend in each. This will be helpful in group projects,  whenever you miss a lecture, and most important, you’ll have someone to talk to or discuss class topics. What’s college without friends?
  1. Do not procrastinate. Procrastination is a college student’s worst enemy. You look at your assignment on Monday, but it’s not due until the end of the week so you decide to do it later. The week goes by and you find yourself stressing over a paper you had all week to write.
  1. Do not freak out over your major. The majority of college students change their major the first year. It’s very common and you should try not to stress out too much over it, it happens.
  1. Study before an exam/ quiz. In high school, you might have gotten way with a decent grade even if you did not study. In college, you must spend some time studying before a quiz or an exam because it will affect your grade.
  1. If you are not a morning person, or tend to sleep late, do not pick a 7am class unless you want to spend the semester complaining about it.
  1. Get someone to edit or read your essay. Make sure to finish up your essays on time to have someone else look at it, maybe a friend. Google Docs has a helpful suggesting tool. Your friends can make suggestions such as fixing your grammar or writing comments on the sides so that you can review it and edit it.
  1. If you live on campus, learn to live with your roommate(s). You will be living with them for the rest of the year so having a good friendship is highly recommended. There are cases where roommates hate each other, that will only ruin your college experience.
  1. Do not fail any of your classes. If you turn in every assignment and put your effort to all of them, you shouldn’t be failing. If you find yourself failing a class, dropping it can be a better option. If you fail a class it will drastically affect your GPA. If you drop it before the deadline, you will not be given a grade and it will not affect your GPA.

Hopefully those college advises will ease some of your questions and worries. Try not to think and worry too much about your first year of college. It’s a new experience that should be enjoyed to the fullest. Don’t let anxiety get on the way. Have fun, meet new people, live new experiences, and make friends.College is not as scary as it sounds. However, stay focused and do not lose track of your grades and goals. It’s okay to change your mind about your degree as long as you give the required importance to every class. Work hard and do not fail any classes, and if your do, retake them to lift up your GPA. Good luck!

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