Dream School Blues: Why It’s Okay That You Didn’t Get Into Your Dream School

It’s that time of the year that every high school senior dreads: college acceptances and college rejections. Even though it is nearly May, many students still have no clue where they are going to go. Some students were able to get into the school that they envisioned themselves at since they were kids, while other students, like me, got rejected from their dream school. As cliché as this is about to sound, it’s okay that you did not get in.

I dreamed for the longest time that I could go to an Ivy League. All my friends who know me personally can attest to this fact. I even went on a college tour at my dream school and got the “This is it; This is my school,” feeling. I tried my hardest to get in and even though my SAT scores weren’t that great, I managed to get an interview with them soon after turning in my application.

I was so nervous when March 31st came because it was make or break time for me. All I could think about for the week leading up to the day was, “Did I get in?” When I saw the mailman that day, I rushed to my door to see what was in store for me. Sadly, I was rejected. I was absolutely gutted. I remember having a panic attack because I felt as if my world was over. I felt stupid, intellectually and emotionally, for even attempting to apply there. I couldn’t get over this feeling as if I wasted so much this time dreaming and praying for the next four years at that specific school that it was them or nothing.

Although it’s been a little over a year has passed since it happened, it still hurts me that I wasn’t accepted, but I wasn’t expected for a reason. I, personally, believe in God so I feel as if He had another plan for me. I think about where I am now in life, academically and physically. I think about all the friends I’ve made at my new school, even though it’s not the one I had imagined I’d be at. I realise that if I had not gone to the school I’m currently at now, I would have never met some of the people I know now. I may have never done some of the things I have had the opportunity to do. I am where I am for a reason, and I’ve slowly been coming to terms with that.

Although you may not see it now, there is a reason why you did not get into that school. I know it hurts more than you ever thought it would, but this rejection will make you a better person. This rejection does not make you stupid at all. You are smart and you will showcase that intelligence wherever the wind takes you. You will meet best friends at the school you do end up choosing that you may not have had you gone to your dream school. You might end up changing your major and the school you choose to attend will have the perfect one for you. But most importantly, please do not stop dreaming big because of this rejection. Dream further than all of the stars because some things happen for reasons we may never know, but as long as you stay true to yourself and stick with your goals, you can make anything a reality.

P.S. If you still want to go to your dream school, there’s always graduate school. You can do it.



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