Dear High School: A Farewell Letter

Dear High School:

I can’t say I’ll miss you or that I’ll forget you, for you have taught me many lessons for which I am thankful. Looking back at our few years together made me realize that I grew a lot in a short period of time. You are neither friend or foe, you are a teacher. I must confess that your role wasn’t always clear. At times I wanted you to be a friend, but, you never listened to what I had to say. It wasn’t until the end that I understood your purpose, far more than to teach me math and science, you helped me uncover my shell and reveal my true self. I learned to accept who I am despite those who tried to change me, instead of focusing on the negative I chose to love myself for a change.

Throughout the past four years  I encountered some interesting people who challenged me to view things for what they are and to not justify wrong doings but to instead speak out against them. I consider myself fortunate for being able to form beautiful friendships and to have been surrounded by people who inspire me. It was during our time together when I stumbled upon an important thought:

I believe I am an artist and that the future is my canvas, so I am not to worry for I have the power to create and make of my life what I desire. I understand that my dreams are what fuels me, and so I know I’ll go a long way.

It pains me to say that you weren’t all motivation and powerful realizations, you had hardships too. Along with the memorable self uplifting lessons came the soul crushing disappointments. The failed relationships were never fun to deal with. I found myself wondering what was the point of even trying because I was just going to be let down again, but, ignoring my better judgement there I went time and time again giving chances to those who always proved to have dishonest motives. It is as if you enjoyed making a fool of me and you simply allowed me to be vulnerable just so you could laugh at me. Your last mockery was the most hurtful of all. You led me to believe that a friendship was one to last a lifetime, but, you removed the bond so suddenly and rapidly it made me question if it had ever been there. It was so cruel of you to take someone so pure and caring and allow for them to make the poor decisions that continue to guide them down a less than ideal path. I know nothing lasts forever but s*** did it kill me to say goodbye.

So long high school!! You had plenty of lessons to teach me, it is needless to say that I enjoyed some more than others, but, in the end, it was a heck of a journey with many ups and downs and I am just glad to have gotten through them. (P.S I hope college is better!)



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