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4 Tips of Advice For Your Last Year of High School

Just like it does every year, summer flew by and school is close to being in session. I remember my first day of my last year in high school, I was so excited yet scared all at once. Excited because it’s senior year! Not only do you rule the school, but you have your prom, trips, and loads of senior activities coming up! However, it’s quite scary to be a senior because it’s your LAST year in high school and for many, that means college is right around the corner but for all, it means that real life is only months away. Here are some pieces of advice I have from my senior year experience:

1. Get a head start on college applications

If you plan on attending college next year, get a head start on it! Write your college essay as early as you possibly can and go over it several times. You can even ask one of your teachers to read it over and give you some pointers on how you can improve on your essay. Make sure not to wait a day before the deadline in order to get started on your college application. Complete your college applications as early as possible and make sure to ask your college advisor any questions you have during the process.


Study hard and don’t catch a case of “senioritis”. Make sure to take the SAT and study vigorously for it. Colleges take your SAT scores very seriously and it heavily influences their decision in whether or not they’re going to accept you. Besides your SATs, make sure to study for all of your classes. Your grades are so important in your senior year, especially your first semester grades- those will get sent to the colleges you apply to so you want them to be a reflection of the hard working student you are.

3. Get involved in senior activities

Dress up for the various spirit days, go on every trip, and attend prom if you can. You will regret not taking part in these activities, this is your LAST year in high school, make the most of it and get involved. Be that person who appears in the yearbook 200 times, make this YOUR year.

4. Cherish every moment

It’s true, the year will fly by and before you know it you’ll be on that stage getting your high school diploma so cherish every moment in high school. Make memories with your friends, get close with your teachers, and try your best not to skip class! Make it an amazing year!

Best of luck to you all, may you all do well on your SATs and get accepted to your dream school.

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