A Disturbing California 18-Year-Old Admits to Molesting Over 50 Children Since He Was 10

Eighteen-year-old Joseph Hayden Boston confessed to police in Riverside, CA, of molesting more than 50 kids over the past eight years in areas all throughout Southern California.

On Saturday, Nov. 2, Boston was turned in to the Riverside Police Department by his mother after he told her that he had sexually assaulted two boys, 8 and 4 years old, at a motel in the California city. During the interview with investigators, he confessed to molesting “upwards of 50 children since he was 10 years old”, the police stated.

Apparently, Boston “befriended” the two little boys, who were staying at the motel with their parents, and the boys were allowed to go into Boston’s room. After Boston allegedly assaulted the boys, he called his mother and confessed.

The teen was charged with two counts of oral copulation with children under the age of ten, and is currently booked in the county jail with a bail of $1 million. He’s scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

This disturbing and shocking crime is a jarring wake up call, one that reminds everyone that sexual predators are not labeled with a warning sign, and can, in fact, be of any age and gender. If Boston is telling the truth about his atrocious actions, which Riverside detectives believe he is, there are over fifty children that have survived being assaulted and molested and, moreover, have withheld that traumatic experience for years.

Fifty children may have been molested by a sick man close to their age and suppressed this for years. One can only imagine the psychological effects this would have on a child.

Boston has lived in the cities Riverside, Lakewood, and Buena Park, all located in Southern California, so victims are likely concentrated in these areas. Those with any information pertaining to this investigation are urged to contact Detective Paul Miranda at (951) 353-7945 or pmiranda@riversideca.gov.

Additionally, if you or a person you know have been sexually assaulted, please, please talk to the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or a trusted adult. Contact local police if you suspect anyone, a child especially, is being sexually abused or exploited.

Photo Credit: Riverside Police Department



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