TIME Gives Person Of The Year to ‘Silence Breakers’

TIME has just announced that their person of the year for 2017 is a compilation of men and women that they are calling “The Silence Breakers”. The Silence Breakers are all people who have spoken out about sexual misconduct this year, causing a ripple effect through the news and entertainment industry.

Actor Ashley Judd and singer/songwriter Taylor Swift are two of the women featured on the cover of the magazine. Both Judd and Swift have made very public sexual harassment claims this year. Judd went on the record about her 1997 encounter with Harvey Weinstein back in October, and Swift recently won her court case against former radio host David Muller who groped her back in 2013.

Other Stars included in The Silence Breakers are Terry Cruz, Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano.

This is not the first instance where TIME has chosen a group as person of the year. Lilian Rothman, a writer for TIME wrote an article about what it means when a group is chosen.

“TIME’s editors have found that there is no single person who sparked the cultural change that defined the year. And that’s part of what made that change so powerful. If the silence surrounding sexual harassment and assault had been broken by just one voice, the world may have been able to ignore it. But together, the hundreds who dared to speak up have started a movement that shaped 2017 — and that shows no sign of stopping.” -Lilian Rothman




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