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Realistic Resolutions to Set for 2018

Now that Christmas is over, we no longer have to worry about what food to buy for dinner, buying gifts for friends and family or putting up the tree and decorations. Despite this, there is no such thing as being stress-free quite yet, as people still have to think of their New Year Resolutions! Loads of people around the world set up goals and aspirations for the upcoming year ahead, to improve their everyday lives and to overall become a better person. Every year is the same however, with the same old ambitions.

These goals are amazing to reach, however they can get someone down if it doesn’t happen straight away, even up to the point of failing to reach their target. Instead of using stereotypical, traditional resolutions, make your goals personal and fitting within your lifestyle, while also ensuring it is fun and you want to do it, not just following crowds and trends.

Get Skinny. I hear this phrase a lot and if you do want to lose weight, then make sure it is at your own pace and do not overdo it as once. If you have a local gym that you have time to attend, aim to go 1-2 a week and build up the number of days. The loss of weight will motivate you to attend more and therefore it will be easy and you will enjoy it rather it being something you feel like you have to do! Cut out foods slowly too, by cutting down also 2-3 per week. Eat healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners and cut down on sugary snacks slowly, you will soon see a difference!

Get Rich. I also hear this a lot too at the start of every year, however some people do not do anything about it. In order to make money, work hard! Save up money and don’t spend too much on unnecessary items, such as takeaways. In order to succeed, if you are old enough, try to find a job you enjoy, that is not too much hard work and that can also fit in with your schedule – it feels so good to treat yourself on pay day!

Find Love. Finding love takes time and patience. Some people fall in love when they’re 14, some do when they’re 74! The right one for you will come along, so don’t swipe right to everyone just because it’s the new year! Enjoy your nights and always have hope! You never know the future, so don’t assume or lose hope – the right one is out there!

Do something new.  I love this resolution, as it allows you to do literally anything! But remember, you don’t have to just because it’s the New Year and you can start at any time! You can learn a new language, read more books or even start a new series! Make sure you enjoy it and if you feel like you don’t, you can always change to do anything else. It is about trying something new, no matter if you fail, succeed or don’t like it. Make 2018 count for you!

I hope you make some fabulous resolutions for 2018 that will have a great outcome! There is nothing better than a fresh year, so you do you and set realistic resolutions that you can enjoy and achieve. I hope you also have an amazing New Year and 2018 overall!

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