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6 Things I’ve Learned In A Long Distance Relationship

On February 24, I will have spent the last two years of my life in a relationship with someone who, within that time, has become one of my best friends, my most trusted confidante, and the love of my life. This relationship just so happens to be long distance, but that doesn’t make what we have any less valid than a “traditional” relationship. However, there are somethings you learn quickly being in a long distance relationship in comparison to “The Norm”.


1.The Time You Spend Together Becomes Invaluable. Whether it be once a month or twice a year, when you guys see each other it is more special than you could possibly imagine.  It’s essential to take in as much as you can, whether it’s the small quirks your significant other has or romantic evenings out. These small things give you something to hold on to while you are apart, whether its two hundred miles apart or two thousand.

2. Technology Is Your Greatest Asset. A key component in a long distance relationship is communication. It is very important to take time out of your day and talk to your partner. In our generation, almost everyone has a smartphone, which means that the person you want to talk to is just a few screen taps away. Make the most of it.

3.You Learn To Trust One Another. It is said that one of the biggest factors in a relationship is trust. Now assuming you’re committed to the relationship, you will need to have trust in your partner considering you guys are hundreds if not thousands of miles apart. If you can trust them despite the distance, this will build a strong foundation for the relationship.


4.You Find Ways To Do Things Together. Watch a movie together on Netflix. Have the same thing for dinner. Feel like singing? Call your significant other and make it a duet. Just because you’re physically apart does not mean you always need to act like it.

5.You Become Selfless. Although I believe we start thinking about someone more when we love them, being apart makes you entirely forget your own needs. The other person’s happiness is what you need to stay happy yourself.

6.If You Really Love Someone, Distance is Not Going to Tear You Apart, Because You Are Not Going to Let It. Simple. As. That.

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