More Efforts Need To Be Made In Order To End America’s Deadliest Drug Crisis

174 lives are claimed every day and 7 per hour as a result of drug related fatalities. What makes America’s drug crisis even worse are the efforts to help end the ongoing and growing issue. Little is being done by our president in the act to stop the fatal drug abuse and crisis that has been established to be the worse drug crisis in the history of our country. Roughly around 64,000 deaths were recorded in 2016 and 2017 held an even more vast amount of drug related casualties. To make matters seemingly worse, drug overdoses are now the leading cause of deaths among Americans under the age of 50.

Little effort and changes are being established by Trump to help change the increasingly devastating crisis. During the state of union speech earlier this week, Trump sparingly announced his plan on our country’s drug epidemic. All together, president Trump spent a total of 49 seconds to further discuss the role play he’ll take part in to decrease drug fatalities and abuse. But most of his claims toward the issue were already preached before, in speeches back in October and in 2015. America’s drug problem needs immediate changes and efforts established now. However, these changes and requirements to end the epidemic are merely being met as shown through the increase of deaths and addiction seen among our society.

Trump’s response to the crisis has received negative criticism through the media and critics. His plan of action is seen as slow and seemingly unimportant in comparison to other problems America is currently facing.

Concluding Trump’s address to the epidemic, the attended crowd gave our president a round of applause for his remarks. However, Trump didn’t further discuss his planned actions on the matter. Coherently in account to his speech, no firm decisions were announced. For our country to move forward in efforts made to minimize addiction and fatalities that run in our nation’s streets, major actions need to be sought out. Simple tactics such as raising the prices on commonly abused drugs such as Adderall, pain killers, opioids and Xanax could certainly help to progressively show a decline in drug related casualties and addiction. Keeping tabs on relevant drug abusers and criminals could also help lower the number of 64,000+ deaths. As a whole, our county should part take in the fight against our drug crisis. If you or an individual you know are struggling with addiction and drug abuse, change is at reach. It’s important to seek local groups or rehabs in the beginning of addiction or abuse. Report abnormal activity around your community that may possibly show drug abuse and usage.

To stop America’s ongoing drug epidemic, our president and country need to take immediate action. The number of lives cost from drug addiction and fatalities is rising and will continue to in the future. The relevant issue will effect our communities and country through the duration of the next several years if efforts to diminish drug abuse isn’t sought.

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