Happy Teacher Appreciation Week: Why It’s Time to Recognize Their Importance

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, here’s why teachers are so important:

Introducing young minds to the world of education, primary or elementary school teachers spend a great amount of time laying a base for academic success while simultaneously taming the wild mane of childhood. These teachers help students acquire basic skills in mathematics and language arts and dip their toes in the fields of science and humanities. Although recess is typically an elementary student’s favorite “subject,” elementary school curriculum is a highly important foundation for the building of the future.

Once students (hopefully) move on to secondary school, they are prepared to apply their knowledge and dive deep into new areas of study rather than just scratching the surface. The teachers dedicated to these subjects provide students with loads of information and a means for real-world application.

This time is often when students are introduced to the political sphere, social trends and the continuous impact of science. Students are encouraged to establish their own perspective, understand those of others and ponder how they can make the world a better place. Sure, daily homework, weekly quizzes, monthly tests and semesterly finals can be a lot to handle, but they aren’t for nothing. Contrary to what some students may think, teachers do want to see them succeed. They want to prepare their students for college and, frankly, for life.

It is often forgotten that “teachers spend countless hours and money from their own pockets to prepare our children for the future.” Aside from supporting students’ academic pursuits, teachers take on jobs they aren’t even paid for – acting as a counselor or providing support students don’t receive at home. Despite their devotion to the lives and education of students, teachers aren’t provided with the proper tools to shape our future leaders. Over the last decade, public investment in schools has dropped significantly, leaving teachers “without raises, forcing schools to reduce teaching corps, increasing class sizes, and starving classrooms of up-to-date textbooks and modern technology.” But teachers aren’t letting this slide.

Teachers in some states are striking for better funding for education. In the month of April, Arizona and Oklahoma teachers fought for not only a pay raise but a brighter future for students. These teachers recognize the importance of education and want their students to have the proper tools to influence the world in a positive direction.

It’s about time that greater respect is paid to teachers – individuals that dedicate their time and effort to the success of students in and outside of academia. Teachers are not haggard old women that despise children; they are superheroes preparing for the future with generations of knowledgeable leaders and most importantly, future educators.




Photo by Tra Nguyen on Unsplash



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