It is not a secret that the hashtag #GalaxyFold started trending not just hours but even days before the commencement of the Samsung unpacked event, indicating how Samsung fans and tech geeks were all curiously awaiting Samsung’s unveiling of the next generation of smartphones. On February 20, the event began with a preview of the new and most amazing foldable phone.

The foldable smartphone is known as the Galaxy Fold, which is a tall and attractive smartphone with a 4.6 inch display and a hinge to unfold it into a tablet with a 7.3 inch display. It has two batteries, one on each side and a total of 6 cameras. Samsung also reported that they are working together with Google and other developers in order to ensure that apps such as Whatsapp work well on the phone. In addition to its folding/unfolding feature and the 12 Gigabytes of RAM, Samsung’s senior vice president of mobile marketing, Justine Denison, also showed how three apps could be operated side by side on the Galaxy fold’s 7.3 inch screen. The phone will be available on April 26 in four stunning colors: Cosmos black, Space silver, Martian green and Astro blue, with a starting price of $1.980.

A lot of people have been tweeting about how eager they are to get their hands on the new Galaxy Fold after the Unpacked event, as a result of its built-in features, exquisite outer-form and the brilliant concept of how it all operates seamlessly.

After bragging about the Galaxy fold and its unique attributes, the event thrilled everyone with the remarkable S10 phones and their astonishing features such as:

  1.  World’s first dynamic AMOLED screen: The S10’s Infinity-O display simply sets the phone’s front view ablaze with pixels spilling over the curved edges at the sides. The “Infinity Display” first commenced with the Galaxy S8 including a curved display with thin bezels on the top and bottom to create more space on the phone. This time Samsung completely got rid of the bezels with its new “Infinity-O,” an all screen design except for just a tiny circular cut out at the top of the phone for the selfie camera. With the dynamic tone mapping skills for real color and contrast in each scene displayed on the screen, the AMOLED screen is HDR+ certified along with a unique fluid composite that reduces the harmful blue light by 42% without any changes to what’s displayed on the screen.
  2. World’s first Ultrasonic fingerprint: The S10 phones also have the new feature of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner built into the screen, making it easier than ever to unlock the phone within just seconds, even in challenging atmospheres. The vault-like security system is totally invisible and keeps users’ data secure, ensuring no fingerprints can be copied in order to unlock the phone using sound waves to detect the ridges of the actual user’s fingertip in 3D.
  3. Next generation Pro-grade Camera: The galaxy S10 has three rear cameras: 12MP Telephoto camera, 12MP Wide-angle camera and 16MP Ultra-wide camera. The ultra-wide camera with a 123° field of vision helps get shots bigger, taller and wider all in a single frame. In addition to these wonderful features, there’s machine-learning system built-in the phone which makes it easier for the amateurs with photography-related composition tips and advice. Samsung also announced its partnership with the RU Adobe Premiere Rush which now makes it easier for the photographers to edit pictures and videos right away on their phones than having to transfer the rough video to the PC in order to edit and then post it elsewhere. Saving time and energy, Samsung now has all the powerful tools of editing provided by Rush on Android. Moreover, S10 phones also have a new mode known as the ‘Instagram Mode’ as a result of collaborating with Instagram in order to make sharing moments with family and friends easier than ever before even without launching the actual Instagram app.
  4. Next generation wireless powershare: On the back of the S10 phones there’s the new wireless powershare feature with which other Qi-compatible smartphones or even the new Samsung earbuds could be charged by simply placing them against the back. For business people, travelers, bloggers, vloggers and for just anybody who travels often, this can be an extreme advantage to charge any of their other galaxy devices such as Samsung watch, Samsung wireless earbuds or even just to help charge one of their family or friend’s phone right from the back of their S10 smartphones.

These being the major upgraded features, there are also other astonishing features that come with the S10 phones according to their respective sizes and individual models such as: the storage on S10+, which is 12 GB RAM and 1TB of storage that could also be expanded to 1.5TB using an extra SD card through the slot available on the phone, making it the first phone to have a storage capacity of more than even a laptop computer, along with a 29% fast CPU and 37% faster GPU operating circuits. The huge battery with a 25% faster charging speed than the previous version of Galaxy S9+ and a 36% faster charging capability through a wireless charging pad. The S10 phones are also the first model of Galaxy Smartphones that are compatible with 5G network which is believed to be quite faster for those who play video games and download a lot of videos. Users can now proceed with downloading huge files without needing a WiFi connection with the fastest 5G network compatible with Galaxy S10 phones.

The unpacking event finally introduced some of its other Galaxy devices, such as the wireless earbuds and the watches: Active and Fit. Both of the Galaxy watches have their own unique individual advantages alongside stunning similarities such as 6 different exercises that can be tracked while working out, sleep rate tracking, stress-level and heart rate monitoring systems.

Woohoo! The next generation has finally arrived! Concisely: Galaxy Fold with a 4.6 inch display turned into a 7.3 inch display when unfolded, S10+ with a 6.4 inch curved QHD + AMOLED screen, S10 with a 6.1 inch dynamic AMOLED curved screen and S10e with a 5.8 inch full HD + AMOLED screen.

People are already pre-ordering their phones through Samsung’s official website. There are so many reviews regarding these phones all over social media and budding romances from Apple (iOS) fans who are not only awestruck but are already worshiping Samsung’s new innovations and efforts put into introducing the next generation of smartphones.

Photo: Galaxy UNPACKED

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