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Dating and Mental Health: Staying Positive in Search of Love

Within the 21st century, digitalized forms of dating can be relentless. Nowadays, those using such applications are often under pressure to jump into a relationship and rid themselves of their pre-existing single status, even though this can have an adverse effect on mental health. At its core, dating is supposed to be a fun-filled way of meeting new people and, with some luck, forming a relationship with somebody special. However, any hope of enjoying the journey is nearly impossible in pressurized situations. 

Dating with a positive mental outlook is of utmost importance following the emergence of the digital age. Thankfully, there are numerous ways that daters can stay positive in their search for love and remain in a pressure-free headspace. So, here’s how to keep on top of your mental health while using dating apps. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Step Back 

For some reason, there’s a common misconception that, upon signing up to a dating app, numerous perfect matches will appear in a short space of time. That isn’t the case. Although certain developments allow for searches to be filtered, a Pew Research Center study from 2020 states that 30 percent of United States adults have used dating apps. That statistic showcases the volume of people that now use such developments. As such, it’s arguably more difficult than ever to find compatible matches.  

Because of the number of users that now use online dating, it’s easy to get into a pattern of chatting with various people throughout the day. For some, this approach may work, although overdating is a genuine issue that shouldn’t be ignored. The Independent suggests that focusing on one person at a time may offer more fruitful results, as it grants enough time to determine whether or not there’s chemistry to pursue something further. 

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In other words, to avoid becoming overwhelmed, take a step back and reassess how you wish to proceed. How to handle dating burnout is now a core aspect of modern-day dating practices, as continually scrolling through apps can cause feelings of disillusion and fatigue. As Badoo states, one way to combat this is to set yourself goals. Knowing what you’re looking for saves energy and time, which, in turn, offers clarity regarding your intentions. Ultimately, this reduces feelings of stress. Moreover, accepting that it’s fine to take a break from dating is a must. Make no mistake about it, dating can be overwhelming and lead to you feeling despondent. As such, your mental health must become the priority, and if that means a short sabbatical, then so be it. 

Accept Rejection, and Don’t Shy Away from Handing it Out 

For those not looking to break from dating, consider other ways to remain positive in your search for a companion, friendship, or love. In all walks of life, stumbling across rejection is almost a certainty. Generally, emotional wounds don’t heal as quickly as physical injuries, with their impact affecting perception and self-belief. 

At present, fewer industries create more frequent rejections than the dating sector. Although this chemistry-seeking adventure is deeply personal, date-related refusals aren’t a personal attack. Remember, most people find themselves in the same situation, endlessly scrolling through profiles of incompatible matches. When dating, don’t blame yourself for being rejected. Users come and go, and it isn’t a reflection of your character, but instead of what other specific people are seeking.  

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Sustaining a positive outlook on dating and managing your mental health requires boundaries and control, and this is why you shouldn’t be afraid to reject people. While it may seem unfriendly, becoming bogged down in communication with someone that doesn’t match your criteria is a waste of time and effort. As mentioned above, digital dating is supposed to bring fun to a pressurized activity, so don’t let a dislike of offending people stand in the way of enjoying your search for happiness. 

Knowing how to handle stress while dating is a power that will ensure a positive, healthy outlook on meeting new people. Upon understanding when to take a step back and learning that it’s okay to reject potential matches, you don’t have to compromise on who and what is right for you. Finding success doesn’t often occur overnight, so afford yourself some time and enjoy the journey.

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