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Top 7 Books You Wish You Read Before

Reading books makes our everyday lives better, as it gives us new knowledge and perspective. Intelligent men know that they never know more than enough and reading a lot of the most favorite books available is practically a social necessity. If people are purchasing a book, it ought to be good, right? Or even when it comes to contemporary ones, they could simply have a good advertising campaign, in which case we ought to reward


New Ad Campaign Sees Domino’s Pizza Filling In Potholes Because Local Government Can’t

Many Americans have to get their healthcare from GoFundMe, do they now have to get their roads repaired in exchange for advertising? It sounds as much like an extract from a dystopian novel as it does an article in The Onion but Domino’s Pizza has started to invest in infrastructure. The premise of it all is very simple. ‘Paving For Pizza’ is a viral marketing movement where pizza-lovers can nominate towns and cities which are

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