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Why You Should Be Watching USA Networks’ “Eyewitness”

Eyewitness via USA Network

Eyewitness, which premiered this October, is a ten episode anthology series which follows the lives of Philip Shea (portrayed by Tyler Young) and Lukas Waldenbeck (portrayed by James Paxton) after they bear witness to a triple homicide in the small town of Tivoli, New York. Even though Philip’s foster-mother, Helen Torrance (portrayed by Julianne Nicholson) is the town’s sheriff, Philip cannot tell Helen about what he saw, because his and Lukas’s romantic relationship will be revealed, therefore putting Lukas in danger.

If this synopsis alone doesn’t convince you to dive into this nail-biting thriller, here are some key aspects of the show that are sure to reel you in.


  • Lucas’s and Philip’s hidden romantic relationship throughout the show sheds light on the internal struggle and truthful fear of being closeted in a close-minded town. Philip happens to be more comfortable with his sexuality, but he does not face the danger that Lukas faces from his father if he were to find out. Their developing relationship is a main storyline of the show, and the viewers are able to watch Lukas decide what is more important: his reputation at school, or his love for Philip.
  • There is a very strong element of empowering women in the storyline, and the best part is that three of the main women in the show are women of color!
  • Tattiawna Jones plays Kamilah Davis, a strong-willed FBI agent who lets absolutely nothing stand in her way
  • Amanda Brugel plays Sita Petronelli, who constantly puts her life on the line to protect her baby and is Kamilah’s sister.
  • Mercedes Morris plays Rose who is Lukas’s girlfriend. Rose is very independent and doesn’t let anyone boss her around.


  • Each episode ends with a cliffhanger, keeping you on your toes. I don’t want to spoil too much, but let’s just say that the triple homicide constantly follows Lukas and Philip.
  • Aside from the thrill of the show, you get to see more of the vulnerable side of each character, especially Philip, who had just moved from the city.
  • Throughout the first episodes, you learn about Philip’s story and why he had to leave his mother, who struggles with drug addiction and is attempting to recover so that she can have Philip back.
  • Lukas’s relationship with his dad is on the rocky side, which adds to the tension Lukas feels about his own sexuality.
  • Lukas and Philip are so. unbearably. cute. You might cry. I would be lying if I said I haven’t shed a few (thousand) tears over their relationship.

Eyewitness premieres every Sunday night on USA Network at 10/9 p.m. central time. I highly suggest you watch it; the actors and actresses are phenomenal, and you can tell they put extremely hard work into what they’ve done. Each actor/actress cares immensely about their character and the storyline, and you can see it in each episode.

If you want to start watching but don’t know where to watch, here is a link to the USA website, where they have all the current episodes for free.

Here is a Q&A where the cast talks about the show, and Tyler and James discuss Lukas’s and Philip’s sexuality, and the significance it has to the storyline.

They’re both very active on their social medias and really love talking to the viewers (they’re actual sweethearts is what I’m saying):

Tyler’s Twitter + Instagram

James’s Twitter + Instagram

Happy viewing!

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