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The Show “Lipstick Prince” Aims to Prove that Makeup is Also for Men

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul in his teaser as MC for Lipstick Prince
Super Junior’s Kim Heechul in his teaser as MC for Lipstick Prince

Newsflash, makeup knows no gender or sexuality! Just in case you’ve been living in the 19th century, makeup is for everyone and we’ve been doing a great, darn job proving so. James Charles, the new face of CoverGirl, is a prime example of the fact that nobody cares anymore about who wears makeup. Korean idols wearing makeup, especially lipstick, has been a hot topic ever since the Hallyu Wave hit the mainstream. One of the most popular comments one might come across while introducing K-Pop to friends is, “But they’re guys! And they have lipstick on! They’re so girly!” Well, you’re wrong and Lipstick Prince is here to prove so.

Lipstick Prince, the newest commentary show produced by OnStyle, CJ E&M’s beauty and fashion cable and satellite television channel, claims that “men who use makeup are sexy too!

The new variety show targets men, pushing forth the concept that makeup is not only for women.

Alongside makeup artists, popular names in K-Pop will be discussing beauty and makeup trends while receiving make-overs. Honestly, could we ask for anything more?

Block B’s dancer and vocalist, U-Kwon, also member of sub-unit BASTARZ
Block B’s dancer and vocalist, U-Kwon, also member of sub-unit BASTARZ

Aside from MC Kim Heechul, member of popular group Super Junior, casting will include Tony An, Block B’s U-Kwon and P.O, NCT’s Doyoung, MONSTA X’s Shownu, and SF9’s Rowoon, just to name a few. Heechul has constantly been a trending topic regarding his sexuality. Known by many as the king of variety shows, the artists has constantly dealt with claims of him being bisexual or homosexual. Comments are usually focused on him being “prettier than any woman” and feminine, Heechul finding the need to personally address the matter, confirming that he really likes women.

Eunkwang, BTOB’s leader and vocalist
Eunkwang, BTOB’s leader and vocalist

Lipstick Prince, however, is luckily not the first time a Korean artist voices his interest in beauty. FTISLAND’s vocalist, Lee HongKi, released his own nail art book.

HongKi says that he, “[wants] to break the stereotype that it’s weird for men to get nail art. I also wanted to show my own know-hows. I think that’s why I decided to write a book. At first, I thought, ‘Who would buy this book?’ but I’m happy that people are liking it.”

Even an artist like HongKi who is currently breaking barriers of gender norms so publicly, explains to have done it, at first, by force, not understanding why men needed nail art. After falling in love with it, the artist, upon the release of his own book, confesses to spend $45,000 a year just on nail art.

Shownu, MONSTA X’s leader, vocalist, and dancer

The new variety show is breaking barriers that not even HongKi was able to break. Featuring popular artists, most characterized as manly men, Lipstick Prince shifts the conversation. Not only can men also wear makeup, but they can also do so without having their sexualities questioned or needing any justification. As fans now celebrate the opportunity to watch their favorite idols in a new light, all we can do it hope that the show will truly be as positive as its teasers and mission have made it out to be.

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