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How Stan Twitter is Turning Into a Community of Bullies

“Stan Twitter” (“stan” is a portmanteau name for “super fan”) is a part of Twitter where people obsess and talk about their favorite shows, artists, and celebrities in a relatively judgement free zone. Or at least it used to be.

What started out as a place where you could find like-minded people who love your favorite show, character, or musician as much as you do, it has turned into a playground for bullies. It is becoming the growing trend to sayhorrible things to people online and even in their real lives.

If you simply don’t agree that someone’s favorite character is the best character of all time, beware — it could put  you at risk in Stan Twitter.

There have been situations where people have been doxed, made fun of for days about their looks, and even outed to their intolerant families over a difference of opinion about a show. It has gone way too far. It’s wrong, unhealthy, and bullying, yet it’s becoming the social norm on Stan Twitter.

Obsessing over a show or artist on Twitter may seem a little weird, but it used to be a fun, harmless way to pass the time. However, that fun, harmless diversion is becoming less and less harmless and more and more cruel. It is easy to fall into a mindset of “my opinion is better than yours” concerning characters on Stan Twitter, but it should never make you want to harm someone mentally or physically.

Thankfully, there are people who try and fight back and help people realize what they and others are doing is wrong.

Remember why you joined your fandom in the first place: to talk about things you like… not to try to tear others down for not liking it too.

Let’s not let “stan” become a portmanteau name for “sadistic fan.” Here are some steps in case you find yourself feeling angry enough about a show to the point you want to do something about it:

  • open the blinds
  • take in the sunlight
  • go for a walk
  • breathe in the air
  • and realize it’s not that deep

Please tweet kindly.

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