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Ed Sheeran is Finally Back and Better than Ever

British singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, finally made his highly anticipated return to the world of music. After a 13-month break, Sheeran’s Twitter account was active once again. Sheeran posted an empty sky-blue box, on Dec. 12, 2016, exactly one year since his last Twitter activity. Everyone was at the edge of their seats, wondering what this cryptic post meant. Regardless of the many questions circulating his absence, followers welcomed him back with open arms.

Then, it happened.

On Jan. 1st, Ed tweeted a video where he holds a hand-written sign that read “New Music Coming Friday!!” Needless to say, excitement soared. He followed up with his Jan. 2nd tweet, featuring a teaser video with what was soon to be known as the two song covers. Friday could not come sooner.

At midnight on Jan. 6, Castle on the Hill and Shape of You were released.

 Castle on the Hill has a “fast-paced, yet powerful melody,” reported Billboard. “Shape of You [has] xylophone-like rhythm and synthesized beats.”

Castle on the Hill tells memories of old friends and adolescent adventure. The ‘castle on the hill’ is the place where the fifteen-year olds ‘[ran] from the law,’ and ‘had [their] first kiss.’ Sheeran “can’t wait to go home,” where those cheerful memories originated.

Shape of You details a randevú that leaves Sheeran, “in love with [your] body,” hence the song title. The connection between the new couple is way more than physical, as Sheeran sings “You know I want your love,” in the pre-chorus and”My heart is falling too,” in the chorus. Although fans will gladly state the song is dedicated to Sheeran’s 16.8 million followers, it leaves us wondering if it hints at a past love interest.

Both song covers create a division symbol, implying his new album will be called “Divide.”

Sheeran’s previous albums included titles such as “Plus” and “Multiply” support the future math-derived albums. Maybe this is Ed’s way of expressing his devotion to arithmetic.

Sheeran’s ‘feel-good’ music has made it’s mark in the past, these new singles are no different. Ed Sheeran is back, and ready to take on 2017 by dividing and conquering.

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